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Mission Statement

The Division of Student Affairs fosters students' academic, personal and professional growth, educates students to recognize, respect and appreciate diversity, and prepares students to be responsible and engaged citizens in a global community.





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Diversity Statement

In support of the University Diversity Statement, the division of student affairs believes that we have an obligation to create an inclusive environment that embraces social justice and acknowledges diversity as more than the presence of human difference(s). As a campus, we must establish our community as one which empowers students, faculty and staff.

An inclusive environment:

is one in which each individual feels that they matter to the community (as a whole).

Social justice:

is an ongoing and collaborative process which addresses the multiple levels of inequality in our society.



Dr. Martin Luther king, jr. celebration

To watch the 2019 keynote address, click the image below. For more information, visit wou.edu/mlk.

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Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs

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