Exchange Option

Tuition/Study Away Plans

On the NSE website each member school has their own Campus Profile, as a guide to understanding what each school has to offer for National Exchange students.

Host Payment

Fees – Tuition — WOU student pays all RESIDENT fees of the exchange (HOST) school directly to that campus.

Financial Aid – HOST (exchange) school awards you (WOU student), if eligible, financial aid.

Home Payment

Fees – Tuition – WOU student pays WOU.

Financial Aid – WOU Office of Financial Aid awards you, if eligible, financial aid.

Campus Profiles that list Host and Home Payment will send as well as receive qualified student participants under either tuition plan of host or home.  Campus Profiles that list N/A for a tuition plan do not accept students under that tuition plan.

Figure Out Your Budget

If you need help budgeting for study away:

There is a Budget Worksheet form (NSE Budget Form).

Make an appointment with a WOU Financial Aid Counselor.

Application Cost

Currently, the application cost is $200.00 (non-refundable) for the National Student Exchange program at WOU.

The deadline to apply is mid February each year for study away placement the following academic year.

This fee includes the cost of the NSE application and WOU processing fees.

This fee does not include fees required by the host institution, the transportation cost, or expenses you may encounter at the host school, including common NSE participation fees.