The Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs is charged with the responsibility of taking care of our thousands of students during the 150-plus hours a week when they are not in class. Obviously, this is an enormous undertaking, but our care and dedication to the students makes the challenges easier. If you have a question or concern about an aspect on-campus and don’t know where to start, our office can assist you. Here are some of the services provided to students by the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs:

  • Ombudsperson: Assist students in navigating the University and serving as Ombudsperson. Link to Guide To Campus Resources brochure
  • Policies: Advise students on University Policies and Procedures
  • Student Travel: Oversee student travel policy and procedure. Links to Student Travel Request Form and Travel Forms Flow Chart
  • Campus Posting Approval: Approve flyers and posters displayed on-campus: Links to Poster Location Handout and to Campus Posting Policy
  • Work Over 20 Hours: Review requests for students to work over 20 hours per week on-Campus: Link to Request Form
  • Student Grievance Process: Oversee and assist with Student Grievance Process. State Authorization Regulation information for students that reside out-of-state are available at the Office of Academic Affairs. Link: Student Complaint Resolution
  • WOLF Ride: Administer WOLF Ride. Link to WOU’s Safe Ride Program
  • National Student Exchange: Administer National Student Exchange Program (NSE). Link to NSE
  • All Student Email: Assist students in setting their all student email preferences and approval of all student email submission. Link to All Student Email Preference Instructions and All Student Email Policy
  • Oregon Voter Registration: Provide information and resources for Oregon elections. Link to Register students to vote
  • UHual CarShare: WOU has a partnership with the UhaulCarShare service on our campus — “car sharing made easier.”  There are no fees to join and the cars are available to licensed drivers 18 and older. Rates start as low as $4.95/hour plus mileage and daily rates start at $62/day, which includes 180 miles.  WOU students have easy access to renting a car (parking lot H):


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