Accepted to Study Away? What’s Next?

If you are an outoing WOU student, visit the sections listed under “Outgoing WOU Students.” If you are an incoming exchange student, visit the sections listed under “Incoming NSE Students.” If you have any questions, contact the WOU NSE Coordinator. 

Outgoing WOU Students

Placement Acceptance Form & Orientation

Steps to take with assistance from the NSE Coordinator at WOU:

Once a placement is offered to you, you will need to:

  • Review and sign a Placement Acceptance Form (a form referred to as the PAF)
  • Attend an outgoing NSE orientation
  • Fill out and sign the NSE Student Advising Agreement
  • Fill out all forms requested by your host school
  • Review financial aid award/update your budget for NSE
  • Make travel arrangements
  • Keep WOU NSE in the loop

Placement Acceptance Form

The Placement Acceptance Form (PAF) provides an opportunity for the student to review the conditions for exchange prior to making the final commitment to participate. PAFs must be completed, signed, dated, and returned within the time frame specified on the form. Failure to sign the form cancels the placement. 


There is a required orientation for students that will be studying away. The orientation is typically during the first week of spring term. At orienation, students will participation in preparation activities, learn more about expectations and responsibilities, and have an opportunity to meet fellow WOU peers also participating on exchange.

NSE Student Advising Agreement

The student advising agreement is for WOU students who have a study away placement at an NSE member school. Please complete this form with your advisor’s approval and return it to the WOU NSE Coordinator by the time you register for classes at your host campus. For course catalogs, please visit the institution’s website for lists of available courses and descriptions.

Host Campus Required Forms

Once accepted at a host school, you will be sent information regarding admission, housing, registration, and orientation. It is very important that students monitor all communication between the host campus and submit all required forms and documentations requested within the deadlines established. The Campus Detail Information on the NSE website ( will provide dates when you will receive this information.

Financial Aid and Budget

If you are paying your host school’s tuition and fees (Host Payment) and you plan on using Financial Aid, list Western Oregon University on your FAFSA application (FAFSA codes are listed on NOTE: February 1 is the deadline to file a FAFSA application for students that apply for the NSE program. WOU will provide you with an award letter and distribute eligbile financial aid.

Students may utilize the NSE Budget Worksheet form to update their budget.

While on Exchange and NSE Check List
  • Notify your host NSE Coordinator and WOU NSE Coordinator of your new address/contact information
  • Be sure and advance register for the next term (if returning to WOU) or next semester (if on a year-long exchange)
  • Send official, academic transcripts after each semester of your study away to the WOU NSE Coordinator
  • Send a financial aid transcript (Host Payment) when you return to WOU
  • Contact your host Coordinator and WOU Coordinator immediately if you have any difficulties or problems

NSE Checklist

For more information on how to best prepare for your exchange, refer to the NSE Checklist document.

Incoming NSE Students

Pre-Arrival and Orientation

When can I register for classes?

At the same time as WOU students. NSE students should get their admission paperwork (non-degree seeking application form received from WOU NSE coordinator) returned as soon as possible. The WOU NSE coordinator will communicate instructions for registering and the registration date/time. All registerations are done online on the WOU Portal, Wolf Web.

Will there be a tour of Western’s campus that I can attend?

Yes. There are many different campus tours offered. If you are not able to go to any during PACK Welcome Week (orientation in Sept.), there are daily tours you can participate in at the Admissions Office Welcome Center. More information regarding campus tours can be found at

Do I have to participate in “PACK Welcome Week?”

No, it is your choice to attend. However, it would be a great opportunity to get acquainted with WOU! PACK Welcome Week is the week before fall term classes start.

Arrival & Orientation

All students arriving fall, winter, or spring terms must attend an NSE orientation scheduled sometime during the first-second week of the term – it is usually an eveving orientation, served with dinner. If you are interested in more information, please contact the WOU NSE Coordinator.

Can I send extra stuff in boxes to WOU before I arrive?

The best place to get answers about living on campus (move-in, policies, what to bring) is online: or call 503.838.8311.

How do I get to WOU from Portland?

If you fly, one option is to take the Groome Transportation Shuttle at PDX to Salem. Groome Transportation (877-693-3785, or online is a van service that has regular shuttles between Portland International Airport and Salem. The shuttle gets you to the Salem Airport on 25th St. SE. In Salem, there is Cherriots Regional (call 503.588.BUSS or online: and is a way to get to Monmouth from Salem without paying for a taxi or using Uber/Lift. Most students seem to drive here – remember in Oregon you cannot pump your own gas except in rural areas – or you have family that gets you to Monmouth.

You can request a ride (cost $15.00) from Salem to Monmouth from the WOLF Ride van – special ride request. Note that the special rides to and from Salem are only offered at the beginning and end of a term. Request forms are available on the WOLF Ride web page ( or by contacting our office (call 503-838-8221).

Additional modes of transportation from Portland to Salem include the Amtrak (train).

Do I have to provide health and immunization history to WOU?

Yes. This information is required for NSE students. Go online to for more information on these required forms, required immunizations, and to access these forms with instructions. If you send the completed forms to the NSE Coordinator, the forms will be hand-delivered to SHCC.

Advising and Registration

When can I register for classes?

At the same time as WOU students. NSE students should get their admission paperwork (non-degree seeking application form received from WOU NSE coordinator) returned as soon as possible. The WOU NSE coordinator will communicate instructions for registering and the registration date/time. All registerations are done online on the WOU Portal, Wolf Web.

How can I register?

You will register yourself online on WOLF Web via the Student Menu (either with the Schedule Planner Registration Cart or manually via the register for classes option). Consider using the Schedule Planner (in WOU Portal > WOLF Web > Student Menu > Registration & Schedule) to plan your schedule. This tool gives students the ability to craft their ideal schedule and sends courses you’d like to register for to the WOLF Web schedule planner registration cart. From there, you can register for the classes you identified in the planner (pending space is available). Here is a tutorial on Schedule Planner. If you opt to not use the Schedule Planner, no worries. You’ll just need to make note of the CRN for each class you would like to register for; once registration time comes, you will manually enter the CRN for each class.

What do I need to do if a course has a pre-requiste?

If you plan to take a course that has a pre-req that you’ve already met, you will need to contact the instructor and request that they override the pre-req requirement (contact with your WOU Gmail). You will need to let them know that you are an incoming NSE student and have met the pre-req for their class. You may need to provide proof that you’ve already met the pre-req (e.g., unofficial transcript). Without an override prior to registration, you will not be able to register online as our system doesn’t recognize the courses you’ve already taken at your home campus. 

How long do I have to change my class schedule?

Students can adjust their schedule up to Friday of the second week of the term. See the academic calendar for detail information at:

Is there a list of available classes online that I can access?

Yes, you can find class availability at: Typically, class offerings for the following term is available week six of the current term.

How do I access the final exam schedule?

Professors generally have the final date and time on the syllabus, but the overall final exam schedule can be accessed at:

Where is the advising office located on campus?

While your home based academic advisor is your primary advisor, NSE students may find it helpful to engage with a WOU advisor. The Student Success & Advising office is located on Church Street in the Advising Center, located next to Todd Hall.

How would I get a copy of my transcripts?

Unofficial transcripts may be accessed via your student account online (Wolf Web). Official transcripts may be requested through Wolf Web or online if a student does not have access to their WOU Portal. The request form can be located at

Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid, and Billing

What are the two NSE payment plans?

HOST plan – student pays in-state (resident/provincial) tuition and fees directly to the host campus (and no tuition is paid to the home campus).

HOME plan – student pays their normal tuition and fees to their home campus (and no tuition is paid to the host campus).

FAFSA and Award Letter

If you under a HOST plan and are eligible for federal financial aid, your home campus’s Office of Financial Aid will provide you with an award letter for your exchange duration. This award letter will list all eligible aid.

If you are under a HOME plan and are eligible for federal financial aid, aid is awarded by and disbursed from, your home campus. College work-study will not be available while on exchange. Contact your home Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about your award letter.

Can I access scholarships, grants, fee remission, or other aid from my host campus?

No. Note that host NSE campus does not award institutionally-based scholarships, grants or fee remissions to incoming exchange students.

Financial Aid for Canadian Students

Canadian students, regardless of whether exchanging under HOST or HOME plans, apply for financial assistance through their home institution as well as federal and provincial governments. Consult your campus coordinator for additional information and requirements. Failure to apply for financial aid by stated deadlines may result in loss of aid. If you are receiving private or institutional scholarships or fee remission for tuition, housing, and/or meals, check with your NSE coordinator and home campus financial aid officer to determine use of such aid for exchange under Host or Home Payment.

How can I see my current term bill?

All students can view / pay any outstanding bills online by following these steps: WOU Portal > Wolf Web > Student Menu > Account Summary by Term. There should be specific details on what each fee was, and if there is anything unclear you can call or visit the cashiers office to ask them why something is on there or what it is for.

For HOME pay students, do not worry if you see tuition/fees applied to your account prior to the beginning of the term. Our system requires us to manually remove tuition/fees for HOME pay students; the NSE Coordinator will ensure that you are only charged for applicable fees (e.g., NSE fee, course fees, and housing fees, if applicable).

For HOST pay students, your tuition/fees will be adjusted to resident rate at the beginning of the term.

Can I pay my tuition and fees online?

Yes. You can go into you WOU Portal > Wolf Web. You will need to click on Student Menu at the top. Then you will click on Student Records > Account Summary by Term > Account Payment.

When are student bills due?

Dates change annually. Visit this website for details:

Financial Responsibility

In accordance with NSE policy, students are expected to pay tuition, fees, room, meals, and other financial obligations in accordance with stated home and host campus budgets and deadlines. Failure to make full payment of all required fees or to resolve other debts to the home or host campus will result in the cancellation of your exchange.

University Housing and Campus Dining

General Housing & Reserving a Space

Visit for information on housing at Western Oregon University. Here you will also learn more about how to make a reservation for on-campus housing. The is a $50 reservation fee.

General Campus Dining Information

Visit for information about campus dining meals at Western Oregon University.

Are the on-campus resident halls or apartment’s co-ed?

All the residence hall buildings themselves are co-ed.

If I arrive in Monmouth the day before the official housing move-in date, can I move into the dorms early?

Not normally, but you can call and ask for permission. Call 503-838-8311 to ask about this. There is additional cost to move-in early. Students are typically asked to select a move-in time on move-in date.

How can I find out my future roommates?

You can log in to your WOU Portal account, select the University Housing Overview link, and it should provide you with their name(s) and contact number(s). In late July you will be emailed with more information about this.

How do I find out what dorm I am in?

You can log in to your WOU Portal account, select the University Housing Overview link, and find your room number and hall information as well as whom your Resident Assistant will be.

Do I have the option to stay over breaks and holidays? Would I pay extra?

It depends on where you live on campus; you may have to pay extra to stay over most breaks. Contact University Housing for more information.

What are the cafeterias and meal plans like?

Valsetz is the only cafeteria on campus, but we also have a few other places to grab a quick bite. We have Caffe Allegro for coffee lovers and breakfast as well as snack foods in the Werner University Center. The Press (serving Starbucks coffee) is located inside the Hamersly Library. Both The Press and Allegro serve hot, iced, and blended beverages. The Werner University Center may also has other dining options available on the second floor of the building. All of these places have a great selection of food to choose from everyday. You can pick different types of meal plans for Valsetz Dining Hall depending on how much you spend/eat.

Where does my mail get delivered too?

Your mail will be delivered to your Residential Service Center (RSC) Box # which is also posted with your housing information on WOU Portal. U.S. Postal Service mailing address for the residence halls residence would include:

First / Last Name

RSC Box#

Western Oregon University

347 N. Monmouth Ave., Monmouth, OR 97361.

Common University Housing / Moving Questions

Visit this website for common questions and answers relating to University Housing:

Campus Life

Do I need a school ID card?

Yes. This is very helpful to have when you need to show your university affiliation, for picking up a pay check, checking out material from the Library and especially essential if you have a meal plan since your ID will double as a meal card.

How do I get my student ID card?

Go to the Information Desk in the Werner University Center (2nd floor). Your first ID is free of charge, after that each replacement card may have a fee. Remember to be ready to have your picture taken.

Is there a Health Center available to students on campus?

Yes. The Student Health & Counseling Center is conveniently located on Monmouth Avenue across from the Hamersly Library. It is staffed with licensed medical staff, professional counselors, and the health staff. Medications are not available on-site; you will need to go to a local pharmacy to fill your prescriptions.

Is there an ATM on campus?

No. However, there are local banks and credit unions, just a couple of blocks from campus.

Where is the “rec” center?

WOU has the Peter Courtney Health and Wellness Center (HWC) for WOU students. The Wolverton Pool is on the south side of the HWC. The HWC has an indoor track, spinning and cardio equipment, a climbing wall, and many other workout amenities. Campus Recreation typically provides an Outdoor Program day trip each term; for more information visit:

Is there a public bus stop next to campus?

There is a Cherriots Regional stop on campus. Cherriots Regional is a local bus transportation to Dallas, Independence and Salem. All routes run Monday through Friday except on Holidays —Route 40. The cities of Monmouth and Independence are working on a trolly system; stay tuned for additional information. WOLF Ride is also available; free to WOU students who need to get places in Monmouth and Independence between 5pm-12am Monday thru Sunday. Call 503-428-7238 to request a ride (first-come, first served). Complete program information is available at

I’m interested in getting involved on-campus. Where can I find out about clubs and organizations?

You can find information about clubs here on campus in your WOU Portal under Engage, which is a white and blue tile at the top menu bar. For information on activities and events on campus contact the Student Engagement department at 503-838-8261 or visit their website at

Additionally, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) has information about on campus activates; contact their office at 503-838-8561 or visit their website at The RHA office is located in the South Sister Annex – below the Valsetz Dining Hall. For information on involvement within your on-campus living community, contact your Resident Assistant.

For involvement in student clubs and organizations or campus opportunities, contact the Associated Students of Western Oregon University (ASWOU/student government) office at 503-838-8553 or visit their office on the lower level of the Werner University Center.

How do I get my text books?

You may preorder your textbooks from the WOU Wolf Store at: You then simply pick them up during the first week of classes. Additionally, can find out which text books are required for your classes using their search engine.

During the first two weeks of the term, the ASWOU Book Exchange will also be open. This is a student government operated book exchange where students buy and sell their used textbooks. All books are listed online in the WOUPortal, Book Exchange tab. You can search for a book by the ISBN number.

Can I get a job on campus?

Yes. There are many opportunities for students to work on campus. The Center for Professional Pathways has an online job posting called WolfLink and is available in your WOU Portal.

Do I need a parking permit to park on campus? And where do I get my parking permit?

Yes, all WOU parking lots require a parking permit.

You can find information about parking permits in your WOU Portal under Wolf Web. Rates for parking permits are available at

NOTE: Residential students requesting to have their permit mailed to them can have their permit mailed to their CAMPUS address. Residential students requesting “to pick up” their permit may do so the next business day at the Campus Public Safety Office (valid photo ID must be shown when picking up your permit). 

How To Dress for Oregon Weather:

It is best to be prepared for all types of weather in the Willamette Valley. In the winter you can see most people bundled up with jeans, boots or tennis shoes, long sleeve shirts, heavy jackets, beanies, and scarves. Though, it is common to see students in shorts and flip flops on a rainy day. It is also wise to carry an umbrella or rain jacket because it is not uncommon for it to start raining on and off. In the fall, spring or summer short sleeve shirts, light jackets, shorts, capris, flip flops or sandals, and tank tops are all suitable to wear.

Things to See and Do in Oregon

Western Oregon University is 20 miles from the state capital, Salem, and a little more than an hour from Portland and Eugene. WOU is a short drive to the Oregon Coast, the Cascade Mountain range, and many other scenic areas of Oregon.

The following links are not affiliated with Western Oregon University. The university should not be held responsible for the accuracy of the content of the following web sites. Individuals participating in any outdoor activity need to be fully aware of the inherent risks which may be associated with that activity. Contact WOU Campus Recreation or visit the following website for any equipment rental:

Statewide resources

Oregon Department of Transportation Web cams & Road conditions:

National Forests of Oregon and Washington:

Willamette National Forest trip planning map:

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife recreation report:

Special interest areas in Oregon

Oregon seven wonders (Columbia River, Crater Lake, Oregon Coast, Mt. Hood, Painted Hills, Smith Rock, The Wallowas):

The Beach

Mountain Bicycling

Black Rock Mount Free Ride association (free ride trails in Falls City near campus):

Mountain Bike review/Oregon trails:

Road Bicycling

Explore Polk County cycling:

The Salem Bicycle Club:

Canoe, Kayaking and Boating

Oregon Kayak and Canoe club:


Field guide/find a hike:

All trails website:

Rock Climbing

Oregon rocking climbing:


Oregon Ski Central:

Hoodoo Ski area:

Mt Hood Ski Bowl and Timberline Lodge ski areas:

Mt Bachelor:

ONC Willamette: