Biennial Drug Free Schools and Community Act Compliance Reports

In compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Community Act (DFSCA), these reports outline efforts at Western Oregon University (WOU) in creating a community and workplace that is free of drugs and alcohol for students and employees. The reports outline policies, practices, and projects aimed at prevention, education, and response to use and abuse violations and treatment.

Reports also provides information addressing reported alcohol incidents in the WOU community, as well as disclosure of criminal activity on campus as reported through the Clery Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Disclosure Act. Full report available to students and employees provides statistics for prior years and they can be found through Campus Public Safety’s website at:

Visit the WOU Drug Free Schools and Communities Policy for reference.

NOTE: 2020-2022 Biennial Drug Free Schools and Community Act Compliance report will be made available to campus after review is finalized.

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