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U Got This! 

Western Oregon University first-year and transfer students are required to complete the U Got This! up-stander training their first term at WOU. This engaging, online conversational software program will guide you through three 15-20 minute modules, helping you examine attitudes and language that contribute to a cultural tolerance of sexual violence and domestic violence.

Students will receive a personalized link to the training via their WOU email — stay tuned! Deadline for Winter Term 2021 students to complete the online U Got This! up-stander training is Feb. 10, 2021. The training is designed to be engaging and truly interactive: we hope you enjoy it!

Review the FAQ and sexual misconduct resource sections below for important information and details.


Why do I need to complete this online training?

The Division of Student Affairs requires all students to complete this training their first term at WOU and understand information surrounding sexual violence and interpersonal violence. 

What will I learn in this online training?

Outlined by the NASPA Culture of Respect – Ending Campus Sexual Violence, you will learn how to:

  • examine the attitudes and language that contribute to a cultural tolerance of sexual violence and interpersonal violence
  • explore opportunities to intervene across a diverse range of circumstances
  • identify your own best practices for intervention
  • understand WOU and community policies, resources, and commitment to ending interpersonal violence

How long is the online training?

There are three sequential modules that take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete each. You must complete each module in sequential order to advance through the training. Once you complete all three modules, you will receive a confirmation email stating you have completed the U Got This! up-stander training.

Need a break? You can save completed modules and return to the training to complete remaining modules at a future time (NOTE: you cannot save a partial or incomplete module, only fully completed modules will be saved). 

When is the online training available?

Training available week 1 of Winter Term 2021.

Where is the online training available?

Online via Catharsis Productions — check your WOU email for your personalized link starting the latter half of week 1 Winter Term 2021. Students will receive bi-weekly email reminders to complete the online training; these email reminders will include your personalized link. If you haven’t received your personalized link by the second week of the term, contact the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs (VPSA) at 503-838-8221 or (have your V# accessible).

When is the online training deadline?

Complete the online U Got This! up-stander training by Feb. 10 10, 2021.

What if I do not complete the online training by the deadline?

Students who do not complete the online U Got This! up-stander training by Feb. 10, 2021 will have a hold applied to their WOU account, preventing future course registration. If you complete the training after the deadline, you will need to contact VPSA to lift your account hold. We highly advise you complete the training by the deadline to prevent any road blocks…

What equipment or technology do I need to access the online training?

You need to have a strong internet connection, either WIFI or an Ethernet connection. The minimum browser specifications for this training are:

  • Desktop Browsers: Internet Explorer 10.0 + | Safari 8.0 + | Google Chrome latest version | Firefox current version
  • Mobile Browsers: iOS Safari 8.0 + | Google Chrome for Android (latest) (on Android 4.4 +)

If you log off the training or are disconnected because of connectivity issues, you will need to reconnect and start from the beginning of that module. If you have challenges accessing the training, please e-mail Catharsis Productions via their email address included in your training email announcement.

Sexual Misconduct Resources

Who can I contact on-campus for support?

The training discusses topics of a sensitive nature and may trigger an emotional response. If you are seeking immediate resources for yourself or a friend, contact any of the following on-campus resources for support:

Visit the Division of Student Affairs sexual misconduct resources website for additional resources.

Who can I contact off-campus for support?

There are a number of off-campus confidential support resources who can also assist students. These include:

Where can I make a report for an incident of sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic violence, interpersonal violence, stalking or any other form of sexual misconduct?

Complete the anonymous report form for sexual misconduct or contact Abby’s House (confidential), SHCC (confidential), the VPSA office (non-confidential), Student Conduct (non-confidential), or Campus Public Safety (non-confidential) if you are uncertain about how to make a report.