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Clinic hours:

UPDATE!! Clinic hours will be 9-12 pm and 1-5 pm Monday through Friday through the end of winter term 2021.


At SHCC, we continue to adapt and evolve through this COVID experience, evaluating our needs and the needs of students to ensure great care in a timely manner. We continue to provide counseling and medical services to eligible students.

Who is eligible for SHCC services?

Students who pay the health fee are eligible for services. Students taking 1+ credit of in-person classes on the Monmouth campus are automatically assessed the health fee. All other registered students may choose to opt-in to have the fee assessed to their student account.

How much is the health fee?

The health fee is $145 per term. It is billed to your student account.

What are the exceptions?

There are students taking online only courses that would not be eligible for services based on their location and due to licensing rules. Medical providers can only practice in the state of Oregon, so students accessing medical care must be in Oregon. Counselors have been extended some grace in practicing out of state in some cases. Therefore, students wanting counseling services must be in Oregon, California, Washington, Arizona, and Idaho. For out of state students, you must have already been engaged with SHCC services to qualify. The qualifying states may change pending the ongoing pandemic, so call is you have questions on whether your state is included.

Why should I opt in?

There are advantages to opting in for the health fee now. Once you opt in, it will be assessed to your student account. If you opt in now, it will be covered by vocational rehab, financial aid, veteran services, etc. This service is highly recommended for students living on campus or in nearby communities, for students who do not have insurance, and for students who want the comfort of knowing they can access medical and counseling services at any time.


Students are encouraged to call the SHCC to schedule medical and counseling appointments rather than walk in. Students coming onto the premises for their scheduled appointment must follow the Use of Face Coverings During COVID-19 Pandemic Policy.

We are open and will continue to serve you. In order to practice social distancing and to keep our staff and students healthy, we have made the following changes:

COVID Testing

Health Promotion Services

  • There will be no health promotion services until further notice. This includes wellness coaching and the R&R room.

Counseling Services

  • All scheduled appointments will be through teletherapy or by phone. The counselor will send you a link for the teletherapy session through secure email or will call you at the number we have on file.
  • Crisis services are still available. Call 503-838-8313 to make that appointment at the time of your crisis and a counselor will call you back.
  • After hours crisis services are still available. Contact Campus Public Safety to connect to an on-call counselor.
  • Counseling services include individual, group, couples, crisis counseling, and more!

Medical Services

  • Please call to schedule an appointment. It will be decided at that time if your appointment needs to be in person or can be completed by phone/video.
  • 8-12 pm daily – well visits only.
  • 1-4 pm daily – sick visits only.
  • Anyone with a fever subjective or checked with thermometer currently or in the past 48 hours must call 503-838-8313 to speak to one of our providers, who will instruct you on what to do next.
  • In addition to communication via phone, medical staff is working to increase their ability to communicate remotely. You can secure message a medical provider with questions you may have regarding your health. To do so, click on this link: . Log in with the same user name and password as your student portal. Click on “Messages/Compose New.”
  • If you have an emergency, call 911.
  • Medical services include COVID testing and follow up, treatment of acute illness and injury, assistance with management of chronic illness, women's health care, STI testing, HIV testing, physicals, immunizations, and more!

You will continue to get reminders about your appointment, so please call and cancel if you do not wish to have your appointment to avoid being charged the $50 no show fee.

If you have any questions or are unclear about our services at any time, please visit our website or contact us at 503-838-8313. We want everyone to be safe and well. The services explained above will be in effect until further notice.

We are located across from the Woodcock Education Building, and next to the Winters Math and Nursing Building. For appointments stop by or call 503-838-8313.

Be Well!




Group Counseling for Winter Term: Group participation requires eligibility for services, and Intake, and completion of paperwork

To join: call 503-838-8313 or email

Self-Love & Mindfulness Group: Thursdays 3-4pm (January 14 - March 18)

  • A place to connect with others and learn mindfulness-based tools to increase coping skills and a time to focus on self-love, gratitude, and wellness.

Emotional Eating During COVID-19: Wednesdays 2-3pm

  • Many WOU students have experienced changes in their eating habits since the pandemic began. While not being able to leave the house as they please, some students may have used food to repair their lost sense of control. American culture as a whole has not included very supportive guidelines or resources for effective coping mechanisms during this pandemic. The group allows a space for students to share their emotions and experiences with food without shame. Students can offer each other support to normalize stress reactions and the circumstances of weight gain and loss of motivation.

Students of Color: Every other Wednesday 1-2pm (beginning February 3rd)

  • Students of Color often come in contact with individuals, institutions, and systems that leave students feeling mistreated, demoralized, rejected or judged. This group will be for Students of Color who would like to have a space to connect and support one another, gaining wisdom and strength through shared experiences

Yoga & Self-Love: Fridays 1-2pm (January 15 - March 19)

  • Space to relax and feel more comfortable in your body using gentle movements and stretches to help improve coping skills, emotional regulation, self-care and stress relief.

Healthy Relationships Workshop Series: Every other Monday 2-3pm (beginning January 25th)

  • This workshop is open to students with all relationship experiences (or lack thereof). Students will be able to learn healthy communication, various relationship dynamics, sex and consent while having a safe space to process relationship concerns and successes.

Sexual Assault Support Group: Mondays 3-4pm during February

  • A workshop for building coping tools and connection for survivors of sexual assault, including both educational and processing components.





Have a medical hold on your transcript? Need to turn in your Health History / Immunization form, but not sure how? Click here for all the information you need to successfully comply with our immunization process at Western Oregon University.

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Take a short survey to tell us what you thought of your visit to the medical, counseling, or health promotion services.

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Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

We are looking for students to get involved with our advisory committee. This committee will provide direction and feedback for the planning and services of the Student Health and Counseling Center. This is a low commitment way to get involved and make an impact as a student!

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Student Health & Counseling Center: 503.838.8313

Our center offers exceptional care in helping students stay healthy and well in their academic pursuits. Our services incorporate a holistic approach including medical services, counseling services, and health promotion. Our department takes pride in their collaborative and educational approach to student care.

We are open Monday-Thursday 8:00-5:00  Friday 9:00-5:00.