Masks are still required inside the SHCC building.

Students have the option of in-person or video counseling!

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline has been updated to 988! See more information in English and Spanish.


Clinic hours:

SHCC hours are 9-12pm and 1-5pm Monday through Friday. Please call 503-838-8313 for an appointment.


At SHCC, we continue to evaluate our needs and the needs of students to ensure great care in a timely manner. We continue to provide counseling and medical services to eligible students.

Who is eligible for SHCC services?

Students assessed the health fee are eligible for services. Students taking 1+ credit of in-person or hybrid classes on the Monmouth campus are automatically assessed the health fee. All other registered students may choose to opt-in to have the fee assessed to their student account.

How much is the health fee? 

The health fee is $154 per term. It is billed to your student account.

 What are the exceptions?

There are students taking online only courses that would not be eligible for services based on their location and due to licensing rules. Due to licensing rules for our medical and counseling providers, students must be located in the state of Oregon to receive services.

 Why should I opt in?

If you are enrolled in online only classes, you may opt in to pay the Health Fee, which will be assessed to your student account. This service is highly recommended for students living on campus or in nearby communities, for students who do not have insurance, and for students who want the comfort of knowing they can access medical and counseling services at any time. You must be located in Oregon at the time service is provided. 


Students are encouraged to call or visit the SHCC to schedule appointments. Students coming onto the premises for their scheduled appointment must wear a mask/face covering. Student must come alone to the scheduled appointment to help reduce risk of exposure to other students and our staff.

Counseling Services

  • Students have the option of in-person counseling or video counseling. If you choose video counseling, the counselor will send you a link for the teletherapy session through secure email.
  • Same day crisis services are available by calling 503-838-8313 to make an appointment.
  • After hours crisis services are available. Contact Campus Public Safety to connect to an on-call counselor.
  • Counseling services include individual, group, couples, crisis counseling, and more!
  • SHCC has partnered with ThrivingCampus to make it easier for students to connect with off-campus providers.

Medical Services

  • Call 503-838-8313 to schedule an appointment
  • Anyone with a fever currently or in the past 48 hours must call 503-838-8313 to speak to one of our providers, who will instruct you on what to do next.
  • Students can communicate with a medical provider through secure messaging if you have questions regarding your health. To do so, click on this link: https://wou.medicatconnect.com. Log in with the same user name and password as your student portal. Click on “Messages/Compose New.”
  • If you have an emergency, call 911.
  • Medical services include COVID testing and follow up, treatment of acute illness and injury, assistance with management of chronic illness, women’s health care, STI testing, HIV testing, physicals, immunizations, and more!

You will continue to get reminders about your appointment, so please call and cancel if you cannot make it to your appointment to avoid being charged the $50 no show fee.

If you have any questions or are unclear about our services at any time, please visit our website or contact us at 503-838-8313. The services explained above will be in effect until further notice.

We are located across from the Woodcock Education Building, and next to the Winters Math and Nursing Building. For appointments stop by or call 503-838-8313.

Be Well!


Looking for a vaccination/booster site? Check out this link.

Keep up with the latest WOU protocols on   COVID, including what to do if you tested positive or were exposed to someone with COVID.


If you have received your COVID vaccine, you will need to upload or submit your proof of vaccine to SHCC. Instructions on how to do that are available in PowerPoint or PDF formats.


If you are not getting the COVID-19 vaccine, you must complete the exemption process in order to be consider compliant with the COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The steps for the COVID-19 exemption include:

Instructions on how to upload or submit records to SHCC:

Word version here

PowerPoint here






Have a medical hold on your transcript? Need to turn in your Health History / Immunization form, but not sure how? Click here for all the information you need to successfully comply with our immunization process at Western Oregon University.

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Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC)

We are looking for students to get involved with our advisory committee. This committee will provide direction and feedback for the planning and services of the Student Health and Counseling Center. This is a low commitment way to get involved and make an impact as a student!

Student Health & Counseling Center: 503.838.8313

Our center offers exceptional care in helping students stay healthy and well in their academic pursuits. Our services incorporate a holistic approach including medical services, counseling services, and health promotion. Our department takes pride in their collaborative and educational approach to student care.

We are open Monday-Friday 9-12pm and 1-5pm.