University use of the WOLF Ride van

WOU’s Safe Ride Program (WOLF Ride) has one (1) van that may be used by campus affiliated groups during times that WOLF Ride is not providing service. The van is equipped with a rear-wheelchair lift making it wheelchair-friendly and suitable for 8-passengers. If the lift will not be needed, the van can accommodate 12-passengers.

All reservations must adhere to state, local, and University travel and transit policies, including those relating to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Rental Rate and Fee

$40.00 per day plus fuel. Payment will be made by a WOU Journal Voucher.


Reservations are subject to availability. In most cases, the van can be reserved by one WOU organization per day (exceptions may be granted, depending on the time(s) of the reservation). Reservations that interrupt or delay regular WOLF Ride service may not be approved. Reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. Reservations will be confirmed via email. Reservations can be made:

  • Online – Fill out the reservation request form below
  • In person – Room 203, Werner University Center
  • Email – – provide complete information for reservation request (see below)

All reservation requests must include the following details:

  • WOU department or club name
  • Contact information of person making the reservation: name, email address, phone number
  • Departure and return dates and times
  • Destination (city and s)tate
  • Driver(s) full names (must be pre-approved to drive by Campus Public Safety and have completed the van safety test)
  • WOU account index for payment
  • Whether or not use of the wheelchair lift is requested
Reservation Request Form

Please complete all fields. When you submit your request, your web browser should refresh. Click the reservation request form box and you should see a response indicating your request has been submitted; if you do not see that, you will get an error message and somewhere in the request form, a box would be highlighted stating the error that needs to be fixed. If you run into any technical issues, please contact our office at 503-838-8221 or

Van Reservation Request: WOLF Ride Vehicle

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Drivers must be cleared to drive a publicly-owned vehicle and have current van safety certification.
  • Please enter a number from 1 to 12.
  • Let us know if you will be using the wheelchair lift.
  • Let us know if you need instruction on operation and use of the wheelchair lift.

Reservations & Operations Schedule


Key Checkout, Fuel, & Return Details
Getting the Key

The key checkout packet can be picked up at the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, WUC Room 203, on the day of the reservation, anytime 8am-5pm. If travel is on a weekend, the keys must be picked up prior to 5:00 pm on Friday. The van is located in parking Lot H ,on the north side of Werner University Center (WUC).


If the van needs fuel, fill the gas tank and pay using the van P-card, located in the glove compartment. Remember to receive a receipt and return it to the Office of the Vice President of Student Affairs.

Parking the Van 

The van must be returned to parking Lot H and parked in the designated spot; remove all garbage and personal items, turn off all lights (headlights, interior lights), close all windows, and lock the van. When returning the van and the checkout pouch, the odometer form must be completed by filling in the date, time, and ending mileage.

Returning the Key

The checkout pouch and key must be returned to the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, WUC Room 203, at the end of the trip, on the same business day or following business day. If the travel is on a weekend, the keys can either be dropped off at the Information Desk in WUC or in the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs on the next business day.

    Vehicle Damages, Department Responsibility, and Insurance
    Costs Not Covered by WOU Safe Ride Program

    The following costs are the responsibility of the driver and driver’s department:

    • All fines or traffic violations incurred by drivers of the van. University funds may not be used for payment of fines/violations.
    • Vehicle damages resulting from an accident, abuse, neglect, or the driver’s intentional action.
    • Vehicle damages in the event of an authorized or unauthorized use.
    • Costs relating to other-than-normal vehicle expenses including towing charges, vehicle damage, and accessory installations and removals (radios, etc.).
    • Cleaning accumulated food, paper, etc. left by users, including detailing, if necessary.
    • Payment of any deductible associated with an employee’s accident that occurred while driving the van.

    Vehicle Insurance

    Western Oregon University is insured by United Educators Insurance, administered by Brown & Brown. Physical damage and liability are both covered for university-owned vehicles.

    Authorized drivers of the van and authorized passengers may be covered by the State of Oregon Insurance Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) workers’ compensation insurance when conducting official Western Oregon University/State of Oregon business in good faith within the scope and course of employment or duties.

    When an authorized driver of the van is at fault, the United Educators Insurance will cover damages to property or injuries sustained in the accident. Departments, clubs, or student organizations are responsible for all costs associated with accident and may be charged up to the $5,000.00 deductible minimum.

    For a complete list, refer to the WOLF Ride Internal Van Use Policy.

      WOLF Ride Internal Van Use Policy

      For more information on the use of the WOLF Ride vehicle, refer to the WOLF Ride Internal Van Use Policy.

      Canceling A Reseration

      If your plans change and you need to cancel a reservation, please notify us our office at 503-838-8221 or Cancellations made with less than a 24-hour notice may be charged the full rental rate.