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Student Engagement

Mission Statement

We foster learning, development and leadership experiences to empower students to be curious, passionate and engaged individuals, while cultivating welcoming spaces that encourage a more inclusive, informed and involved community.

Connect Virtually

Virtual Student Engagement

Connect with Student Engagement and its resources in a virtual way. This can be through contacting the Information Desk, Information on Virtual Events and Activities, links to Animal Webcams, links to online Museum tours and so much more!


Wolfie’s Weekly

Check out the latest edition of our Student Engagement newsletter, with event links, campus info and more!


Student Organizations

Are you curious about what Student Organizations or Clubs are on the WOU campus? Check out Presence, our new student organization software platform!

Get to know us

Patrick Moser


Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs, Student Engagement

Ask me about:

  • General department information
  • Departmental budget issues
  • Child Development Center
  • WOU Bookstore
  • Werner University Center
  • Student Media Board
Chelsee Blatner

Chelsee Blatner

Interim Director, Student Engagement

Ask me about:

  • WUC Operations
  • Student Employment
  • Donation Boxes
  • Postings on the TV’s in the WUC
  • WUC Custodial Operations
  • Conference room set ups
  • Audio/Visual technical questions within the WUC
  • WUC building and equipment inventory
  • WUC Advisory Board
  • Premiere Night
Sarah Lockwood

Sarah Lockwood

Facilities Scheduling Manager, Student Engagement

Ask me about:

  • WOU Campus Reservations
  • WUC conference room diagrams
  • WUC billing
  • Information Desk 
  • Sandwich Board Reservations
  • Student ID cards
  • ASTRA scheduling software
  • Presence
Kelly Welch

Alyssa Rollins

Assistant Director, Student Engagement

Ask me about:

  • Student Leadership Opportunities
  • ASWOU Executive Branch
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Wolfie Mascot Program 
  • Student Event Advisements
  • Leadership Recognition Month
  • Discover Leadership Program
  • Leadership Certificate Program
  • Diversity and Social Justice Education
Kelly Welch

Katelin Stewart

Coordinator, Student Activities and Inclusion, Student Engagement

Ask me about;

  • Student Activities Board
  • Stonewall Center
  • Non-Traditional Student Services
  • ASWOU Judicial Board
  • Homecoming
  • Holiday Tree Lighting
  • Family Weekend
  • WOUMania
  • Prep Week Activities
  • Any major event or program
  • Black Graduation
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Student Event Advisements
Megan Habermann

William McDonald-Newman

Coordinator, Student Media and Virtual Services, Student Engagement

Ask me about:

  • Student Media (Western Howl student newspaper, NW Passage, KWOU Radio Station) 
  • Student Media Board
  • Wolfie Weekly
  • Presence software
  • ASWOU Senate
  • Student Event Advisements
  • Summer heatwave programming 
  • Student Engagement websites and Social Media accounts
Chelsee Blatner

Mark Lilley

Custodial Services Coordinator, Student Engagement

Ask me questions about,

  • WUC custodial duties
  • WUC training
  • Areas of responsibility
  • WUC chemical use etc.
Patrick Moser

Rodney Van Horn

Custodian, Student Engagement

Ask me questions about WUC custodial related tasks.

Werner University Center (WUC) Operating Hours:

Starting September 27th, 2021 Academic Year hours are:

Monday through Thursday: 7:30am to 9pm

Friday: 7:30am to 10pm

Saturday: 10am to 8pm

Sunday: Closed

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