Abby's House, Center for Equity & Gender Justice


Welcome to Abby’s House!

A place where you are never alone.

Abby’s House will be OPEN over the summer!


We are open from 9am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

 Zoom appointments available if needed

Abby’s House is located in the Werner Center (WUC) in room 106

To best understand how Abby’s House can serve you as a student, read the information below:

  • Abby’s House has a Basic Needs Team. The Basic Needs Team is staffed by the Basic Needs Coordinator, Basic Needs Peer Educator, Food Pantry Coordinators, and Stitch Closet Coordinators. If you need help fulfilling any of your basic needs including housing, food, clothing, personal hygiene, etc. we can help! Contact our Basic Needs Coordinator, Maria Barrera, to schedule a meeting:
  • Abby’s House now has Confidential Advocates. They are available to talk to students and provide support services related to domestic/dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking. This person is not required to report information you share to the University or law enforcement. To speak to a confidential advocate email to schedule an appointment. For emergencies or help after business hours, contact Sable House at 1-866-518-0284 (24/7). 
  • The Food Pantry and Stitch Closet are open! They’re located in the Welcome Center next to the mail room. Check out our Instagram pages for the most up to date schedule: @woufoodpantry and @stitchcloset.wou
  • Peer Educators staff our Abby’s House email and office space. They focus on programming, workshops, and social media (@abbyshouse_wou). Our Peer Educators are WOU students and are responsible employees. They are happy to listen and help process, but under the condition that all parties understand they are required to report certain information to the university. 
  • Abby’s House best serves WOU students. If you are a member of the larger Monmouth/Independence community, we will refer you to community resources that can best serve you. 



Abby’s House

(503) 838-8219 | or e-mail:  | Location: Werner University Center, Room 106