Meal Swipe Plans at WOU

We are excited to announce a significant change in our dining program! Starting this fall term, we will transition from the current declining balance system to a meal swipe program. Instead of having a dollar amount loaded onto your meal plan account that decreases with each purchase, you will now have a set number of meals per week to use at designated dining locations on campus. This change aims to streamline your dining experience and address food security concerns

Food plays an important role in nourishing the students and campus community here at Western Oregon University. The meal-plans at WOU are designed to help our residents to

  • Get good, wholesome food
  • Stay healthy
  • Stay within their budget!

Campus Dining is dedicated to excellence. Moreover, we work tirelessly to cultivate a healthy, supportive, inclusive and sustainable dining experience. We strive to serve quality food made fresh from the best local ingredients in our area and pair it with great customer service! 

The Meal-Plans at WOU are tailored to offer a variety of dining options to suit your individual tastes, needs and budget. Regardless of where or what you choose to eat on campus; whether you eat in, pick up your food or  have it delivered, the meal-plans at WOU were designed with you in mind!

Commonly Asked Questions about Meal Swipes

Which Meal Swipe Plan Should I Choose?

Choosing a meal plan can be a difficult decision. The Meal Swipe Plans at WOU are set up to offer residents four choices to suit varying nutritional needs, tastes, and budgets.

All Meal Swipe Plans at WOU are all you can carry, which means, you may get as much food desired for each meal swipe. Meal plans at WOU are flexible so that everyone can select the type of food that suits their appetite or dietary needs. With the exception of Arbor Park residents, all residential students must choose a meal plan each term. If Arbor Park residents are wanting a meal plan, they may choose any plan desired.

Click the PDF below to view all the meal plans we offer.

Guest Meals Explained

Guest meals are free meals that come with your meal plan that you can use for any guests that visit WOU. We have incorporated guest meals into the plans, allowing you to share your dining experiences with friends or family, fostering a sense of community and connection. Guest meals reset each term and the number of guest meals vary by meal plan.

Additional Information

Changing Meal-Swipe Plans at WOU

Do you have extra meal swipes on your meal plan? Or do you keep running out of meal swipes each term? If so, we recommend adjusting your meal plan.

We allow students to adjust their meal plan before the first day of a new term. To change your meal plan visit us in the Campus Dining office located below Valsetz Dining Hall. Alternatively, you may email

Be sure to include the following 3 items in your email:

  1. What meal plan you are currently on
  2. Which meal plan you would like to switch to.
  3. Your student V number. 

Adding more Wolf Bucks

In addition to meal swipes, plans will include Wolf Bucks for use at retail locations, providing flexibility to purchase snacks and drinks outside your regular meal swipes. This convenience is perfect for grabbing a quick snack between classes or items not covered by the meal plan. Students can add a minimum of $5 to their accounts at any campus dining register on campus. We accept debit/credit, cash or check. Wolf Bucks carry over from term to term. Wolf Bucks have a 5% enrichment.  

Our Campus Dining staff makes every effort to educate students in helping them make a proper meal plan selection. Further,  understand that it is difficult to predict exactly what each individual’s eating habits might be. If students find that they have chosen a meal plan that does not suit their needs, we want to work with students to accommodate their eating habits, dietary and budgetary needs. For assistance, contact Campus Dining:

    Below are suggestions to use meal plan balances.

    – The student has dietary restrictions that prevent them from eating on campus, please email Campus Dining –

    – The student travels home to eat on weekends. This is the student’s choice. Meal plans provide money to eat on campus all days of the week. Perhaps the student should consider working with Dining to purchase a couple of meals or food items to go to take home to share with family.

    – The student has a friend who lives off campus and often eats with them. Again, a student choice. The student could consider taking their  friend out to a meal at Valsetz. They could treat their friend or roommate/friends to coffee at Allegro. Use Nutri-slice to order pizza or other food to go and take that to their friends’ place share a meal with them.

    Meal Plan Refunds when LEAVING the Residence Halls / WOU anytime in mid-year:

    Your Wolf Bucks will carry over from term to term, your meal swipes will not since they reset at the end of each week. For information on meal plan refunds please visit refer to the Western Oregon University Housing and Campus Dining Contract.

    If you have any questions about meal balances during or at the end of the academic school year, email Campus Dining – or visit our campus dining office at the South Sister Annex.

    Food plays an important social as well as physical role in nourishing students and the campus at large at WOU. Campus Dining wants to work with all of our community to find dining options that suit diverse tastes and fit the needs and lifestyles for all.
    Stop or email – we are here to help!