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Entirely paperless registration starts Monday, March 16th!!

For Spring term 2020 and beyond it is bye bye blue sheets!
I can’t register for a class what do I do?
Email the instructor for prerequisite, instructor approval, class, major, or time conflict errors.
If appropriate the instructor will enter an override in Wolf Web.
Register for the class in Wolf Web to complete the process.
Having an override does NOT equal being registered.
Overrides and Wait-Lists

What you need to know!

A closed class with an active wait-list is not eligible for a capacity override (aka an override that allows you to register for a closed class). Once wait-listing has ended instructors can provide capacity overrides.

For example, if you were to receive a prerequisite override for a closed class you would wait-list the class. If you did not get the opportunity to enroll from the wait-list into the class you could, after wait-listing concludes, ask the instructor for permission to register for the closed class. If it is appropriate the instructor would provide a capacity override in addition to the existing prerequisite override. Don’t forget, having an override does NOT equal being enrolled. Login to Wolf Web and register for the class!

Closed Classes

You need the class reference number (aka CRN)!

Once wait-listing has ended instructors may issue capacity overrides to allow a student to enroll in a closed class. If your instructor provides a capacity override you will need to type the CRN of the class in the boxes at the bottom of the Registration page in Wolf Web.

The best way to find the CRN, if you don’t already know it, is in Wolf Web using the Check Your Registration Time & Status menu item to view your override(s) which include the CRN of the class. Once you have the CRN open the Register for Classes menu, type the CRN into the box at the bottom of the page, and submit changes. Verify you successfully enrolled by confirming that the class is added to your list of enrolled classes with a status of “web registered”.

Viewing Your Overrides

Great news, you can view your overrides in Wolf Web!

You can view registration overrides that have been granted to you in Wolf Web using the Check Your Registration Time & When you select a term and open this menu, if you have had any overrides issued you will see them near the top of the page in the section titled ‘Registration Permits and Overrides’.

This is particularly helpful when checking to see if an override you discussed with an instructor has been added to your record. Additionally, if you received an override but are still unable to register check here to compare the overrides you have with the error you are receiving. You may need to reach out to your instructor to help resolve the remaining issue(s).

Do not forget that during the wait-listing period capacity overrides are not available for closed classes. If the class is closed and wait-listing is on-going you should wait-list yourself for the class. If you do not get in the class during the wait-listing period you can followup with the instructor after wait-listing ends to determine if a capacity override is possible. Don’t forget, having an override does NOT equal being enrolled. Login to Wolf Web and register for the class!

Registration After the First Week

Instructor approval required!

Due to the accelerated pace of a quarter system it is critical that students attend class and engage in class material from the beginning of the term. Although the university’s deadline for enrolling in a class is Friday of week two the expectation is that students register and engage in the class from the start of the term.

In order to register for a class as late in the term as week two, you must receive instructor approval in the form of an override. If you receive such an override register right away.

After Friday of week two, you are not eligible to participate in or attend any class that you are not registered for. Should you attend a class after that deadline without being registered your instructor will ask you to stop.
See the Course Registration Policy for details.


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