Warning! Your internet activity can be tracked. If the person who is harming you has access to your computer, please consider using a more secure computer in another location, such as the library or a campus computer lab.

About the Anonymous Report Form

Western Oregon University takes issues of sexual violence and relationship violence very seriously. This form is used to understand the campus climate at WOU, to gather information regarding the incidences of sexual and dating violence of our students on or around campus, and to help WOU staff plan a response to violence in our campus community.

It is not necessary for you to be a survivor to complete this form.

If you are a faculty or staff person, click here.


How Do I Submit an Anonymous Report Form?

• Fill out online form. (You will not be required to provide personally identifiable information)
• Fill out the form and submit electronically. Download form, fill out and then email form to Student Affairs.
• Print a form, then place in an envelope and mail (or deliver) it to one of the following:

Vice President for Student Affairs Student Health & Counseling Center
Werner University Center Room 203 345 Monmouth Avenue N.
Monmouth, OR 97361 Monmouth, OR 97361

PLEASE NOTE: Completing this form does NOT constitute a police report nor a student conduct report.


To file an official report for criminal action, call Campus Public Safety at 503-838-8481, the Monmouth Police Department at 503-838-1109 or the Independence Police Department at 503-838-1214. To file a student conduct report, contact the WOU Office of Student Conduct at 503-838-8930.


Who Can Submit an Anonymous Report Form?
• Survivor or victim
• Witness or observer
• Roommate or housemate
• Family member
• Partner
• Friend
• Any person who is aware of an incident of sexual or relationship violence involving a WOU student
Note: Faculty and staff may also use the anonymous report form, but must list the student’s name as the survivor and their own name in completing the form.


What is Considered Sexual Misconduct and relationship violence?
• Non-consensual sexual contact of any kind
• The attempt to have non-consensual sexual contact or
• The threat of such contact
• Sexual exploitation
• Emotional/psychological abuse
• Sexual harassment
• Stalking

Sexual contact means touching of any private body part, including, but not limited to: genitalia, buttocks, anus or breasts of another or causing such person to touch genitalia, anus, buttocks or breasts of another.

Sexual contact is considered non-consensual if:
• No clear consent is freely given
• The person is substantially impaired by alcohol or drugs, or
• The person is otherwise without the physical or mental capacity to give clear consent

What are on-campus resources for students?
These resources are available on the WOU campus and are available to help students regardless of where the sexual misconduct happened.
• WOU Counseling Services (Student Health & Counseling Center): 503-838-8313
• Campus Public Safety: 503-838-8481; 503-838-9000 (Emergency)
• Vice President for Student Affairs office: 503-838-8221
• Abby’s House: 503-838-8219

What are community resources available for students?
These resources are available 24 hours a day. Resources marked with an asterisk (*) will provide crisis intervention services.
* Emergency Services 9-1-1
• Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Services* 503-399-7722; or 1-866-399-7722
• SABLE House (Dallas)* 503-623-4033; or 1-866-305-303
• Monmouth Police 503-838-1109
• Independence Police 503-838-1214

For more information, please call the Vice President for Student Affairs office at 503-838-8221 or the Student Health & Counseling Center at 503-838-8313.