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COVID-19 Housing FAQ’s

You have Questions . . .

As we all are experiencing events unlike anything we have experienced before, questions are inevitable. University Housing is working to address questions that we receive and getting answers to you as soon as possible.

Please check back often as updates will be made as we assess the situation and work to provide up to date guidance regarding management of academic work for Spring Term and how it relates to living on campus.

NOTE: WOU has now moved all Spring Term classes to remote learning for ALL of Spring Term. University Housing has routed an email to all residents with an updated timeline for move out. 

As per the Housing and Dining COVID-19 Update #2 routed March 19:

  • Residents who can safely return to their permanent home address are encouraged to do so. You have until 5 p.m. April 5 to move out to avoid cancellation fees or spring term charges. Use the University Housing Check Out form by March 25. (See Helpful Links below).
  • For students who cannot go home or need to live on campus for spring term 2020, we are glad to provide you housing. Use the Spring Term Housing Reservation Form by March 25, 2020. (See Helpful Links below)
  • If there are circumstances that do not permit a student to come back to campus to move out by the April 5th 5 p.m. deadline, please fill out a Residential Petition Form explaining your situation.  (See Helpful Links below)
Moving Out
  • Q:  I live out of state and have moved some of my items home. Can my roommate move the rest of my stuff out?
    A:  You will need to fill out a petition stating that you will be moving out and that you agree to have your roommate move your things out for you.  You will need to make your own arrangements with your roommate to get your belongings. Keep the April 5, 2020 deadline  in mind.

  • Q:  I was approved to move out for spring term prior to all this, will I still qualify to have cancellation fees waived?
    A:  Yes.  All cancellation fees will be waived for spring term.   Keep the April 5, 2020 deadline  in mind.
Staying on Campus for Spring Term
  • Q:  I currently live on campus and have decided to stay and live on campus Spring Term, and I have completed the Spring Term Housing Reservation form, but I don’t currently live in Arbor Park. Where will I stay until we are able to move into the Arbor Park complex?
    A:  Any student who is staying on campus for Spring term will be able to stay in their current room until we are able to move you to your new location for Spring term. (Currently we expect this to be April 13 or 14). Transition details will be sent to WOU email addresses asap.
  • Q:  I am a new incoming student who has a Spring Term housing reservation. Where will I be staying, and when can I check into the residence halls?
    A:  New students who choose to come to live on campus for Spring Term will be staying in the Arbor Park complex. Welcome! We expect check-in to take place from Noon to 3 p.m. on Sunday, March 29, at Sequoia Commons, located at D-2 on the Campus Map.

  • Q: What if I don’t cancel before the deadline, will we get charged for the whole term?
    A:  If you fail to cancel and move out by 5 pm April 5, and you stay on campus for any part of spring term, housing charges will apply. You will need to fill out a Housing Contract petition explaining your situation. Your petition will be reviewed and a response will be provided within 72 hours.
Meal Plans
  • Q: Will meal plan money get refunded?
    A: Any un-used Spring Term meal plan dollars will be refunded.  Any remaining balance from Winter Term, will be rolled into a Wolf Bonus Account.

  • Q:  I am staying on campus but don’t want a meal plan. What do I do?
    A:  Please fill out a petiti8on. (See Helpful Links below). We will review requests on a case by case basis. 
  • Q: Can I send in my petition electronically?
    A: Yes! Either emailed to housing@wou.edu, or faxed to 503-838-8968.
  • Q:  I am already living in Arbor Park, will I be able to stay in my room?
    A:  We are consolidating residents based on the number of people staying on campus.  We will be making efforts to not move current Arbor Park residents, but it is possible current Arbor Park residents could be moved based on numbers staying on campus for spring term.  We will communicate once we have more information.
  • Q:  I have a housing reservation for Spring Term – where do I fit in?
    A:  At this time we are encouraging students who can safely stay at their permanent home address to do so. University Housing is currently working on a timeline for our new Spring Term students who cannot stay home or need to live on campus for Spring Term. We expect to reach out to you via email in the coming week with a definitive timeline.


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