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Residential Students have their own Parking Lot!

Residential Parking

Designated Residential Parking Lot | Benefit: Time and Hassles
There will always be parking available, and residential parking is never farther than across the street from any residence hall, and only a short walk away from the rest of campus!

Choose Your Own Space - Choose who you live with!


Choose Your Own Space

Choose your own space, Choose who you live with | Benefit: Great College Memories, Life-Long Friendships
Residential students have the freedom to choose where they live and who they will live with. Plus, if one roommate moves out,  you don’t cover their portion of the rent – you are only responsible for paying for own living situation.

No Deposits and No Hassles when Living On Campus


No Security Deposits

Deposits not required!  |  Benefit: Financial
Once you have filled out the application for an off campus apartment, and are approved – you can expect to pay around $500 for a security deposit – which may or may not be refundable.  Don’t forget about paying for your First AND Last months rent – UP FRONT! Students living on campus don’t pay deposits or worry about refunds.

Nine Month Contract for Residents - PERFECT for the Academic Year!









Your Contract

Residential Contracts | Benefit: Nine month contract for a Nine month academic year.
If you choose to break your contract with WOU you will end up paying $10/day until the end of your contract – with an appeal process in place. Off campus contracts are often 12 month leases where you may pay 1 to 2 months rent or possibly covering rent until your landlord can fill the space with another tenant.

All Utilities are covered for Residential Students - at no Additional Cost!








Utilities Included

All utilities included! | Benefit: Personal comfort and Financial
Having your utilities included in your room and board fees is convenient and simplifies your life. Stay warm – don’t worry about your heating bill – it is included. You can predict what your expenses will be and budget for them accordingly – without surprises!

The Safety of our Residents is our Priority









Campus Public Safety

Public Safety |  Benefit: Your well-being and safety are our priority!
When you go to sleep in the residence halls at WOU, rest assured that you are safe. From fire drills to protocol for flu outbreaks to RA’s and Public Safety officers there is an entire network on campus to keep you safe. Remember, WOU has been designated as the safest campus in Oregon! (According to the U.S. Department of Education’s Campus Safety and Security analysis and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report.) 

Laundry Fees are included in your Room and Board Fees with no limits on how much laundry you do.









Unlimited Laundry!

Unlimited Laundry | Benefit: Convenience and Financial
The average cost to do a load of laundry is $3.25 when you are paying per load. When you live on campus that cost is built into your room and board fees. You aren’t limited to a certain number of loads and bonus – NO quarters required!

Computer Support is INCLUDED for all Residential Students









Computer Support

Tech Support | Benefit: Academic, Peace of Mind
Computer problems? NO problem! ResComp is available to help residents find, fix, retrieve and repair as needed with their computers. No need to pay additional costs for computer repairs and assistance or to stress about lost files or computer viruses/hacks. Having access to technology is vital for academic life and we try to make that as easy  and comprehensive as possible for our residential population. 

Furnishings are Included when you live on Campus - no need to buy







Furnishings Included

Furniture included |  Benefit: Economic, convenience
The cost of furnishing an apartment is expensive. Even when purchasing used furniture, the cost to provide basic furnishings, kitchen equipment and supplies is estimated at $850 – $1000. When you live on campus, we provide you with the basics. What can you do with an extra $850 – $1000?

Varied and Healthy Dining Options are included for Residential Students.













Varied Dining Options

Dining Options | Benefit: Good Food/Nutrition, Convenience, Financial

The variety of dining options available to residents allows them to have more time and money for other things and still eat well. Residents don’t have to worry about dishes, cooking and shopping time and preparing every meal they eat. Plus, campus residents with a meal plan get a 30% discount on prepared food at Valsetz! Not a typo – 30 PERCENT DISCOUNT on purchases of prepared food at Valsetz Dining Hall!

Cleaning Services Included for Residential Students









Cleaning Services

Cleaning Services | Benefit: Personal comfort, Convenience

Residential students get to invest the time that they would spend cleaning into taking care of themselves, their studies or spending time with their friends. Your living space and bathroom facilities will all be kept clean at no additional cost to you. During a world-wide pandemic, how valuable is that? PRICELESS!

On Campus is Close to Everything - so convenient!














Close to Everything!

Ultra Convenient |  Benefit: Convenience, Precious time

The residence halls are close to everything. Running late? No problem – roll out of bed and walk over to class. No traffic. No parking. No stress. The library. COFFEE. Study rooms. Campus resources and Faculty. The gym – EVERY thing is within walking distance of the halls. Convenience is one of the best parts of living on campus!