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Housing Renewal starts in February – Check your WOU email. We will send you links to our Roommate Matching program, My College Roomie, to find and confirm your roommate choice(s). Just access the Housing Renewal system by clicking Housing Selection on the left side of your Housing Overview page – the link is below center – to choose the space that you want and pull in your confirmed roomates!

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  • feb 19

Housing Renewal gets started in February when current residents access our Roommate Search system, My College Roomie to find and match up with their perfect roommate(s)!

Expect an email from MCR to direct you to My College Roomie to get started.

You don’t have to have a roommate to renew your housing for the coming year, but if you are hoping to renew into the Arbor Park apartments, you will have roommates – why not choose yours!?

  •  mar 03

On March 3 you will be able to see your selection start date and time. Note your start date/time and be ready to log onto your Housing Overview page asap when your selection time (or the person in your group with the earliest time) rolls around. 

  • mar 09

Housing Renewal Selection Begins! For the best selection log onto your Housing Overview page ASAP when your time slot starts and choose your room or apartment. Will run daily in priority date order  from Noon to 5 pm.

  • mar 13

The renewal selection process will run from Noon to 5 PM daily in Priority Date Order through approximately March 13th.

The next “phase” of Renewal will run 24-7 until 5 PM, Friday, May 1st.

  • mar 20

Spring Break! Take some time during the break to talk about your plans for next year with family and friends. 

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The process is pretty intuitive, and all online. Not sure how something works? Chances are you are not alone. Check out Renewal FAQ page and take a look at the rates proposed for the coming year.

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