Common Questions (and Answers)

    • WHAT IS MY ADDRESS???  Information about your specific RSC (Residential Service Center) Box # and combination to access your mailbox to pick up your mail is located on your Portal. Sign into the WOU Portal, look for WOU University Housing to access your Housing Overview and see your RSC Box #. (Your RSC Box # is listed right next to your picture/Name as well as the combination to get into your box to get your mail).

      We do not have space to store mail prior to your arrival on campus. Thank you for your consideration regarding this.

      Listed below is the format that mail delivered to you in the Residence Halls should be addressed in.

      Your Name

      347 N. Monmouth Ave., RSC Box #

      Monmouth, OR 97361

    • WHO IS MY ROOMMATE? Students arriving for Fall Term have access to our Roommate Search software, My College Roomie to search for, find and match with their perfect roommate. Roommates must confirm / match on MCR to be eligible to select a double space to live in. Due to COVID-19, we are anticipating that there will be limited spaces available for double accommodations for this year. For subsequent terms, room numbers and roommate information will not be released until you arrive to check in.
    • WHAT IF WE DON’T GET ALONG? Living with a roommate is most likely a brand new experience for you, but there is no need to be nervous or scared about it. This is an opportunity to embrace with an open mind the people who look differently than you do, who speak differently and who may have been raised differently. Having said all THAT, living with a roommate can be challenging. IF YOU HAVE TRIED – if you have been direct and honest with your roommate about the issue(s) you are having, and you find that you simply can NOT get along, your next step is to talk to your Resident Assistant. The RA will take you and your roommate through a mediation process and if warranted, help to facilitate a room change.
    • WHAT SIZE SHEETS & LINENS DO I NEED TO BRING? Beds in the halls are 7′ 1″ in length by 3′ 2″ wide and all mattresses are 79″ long. If you are purchasing linens, you should purchase extra long twins. Many retailers carry extra long sheets. The WOU Residence Hall Association also sponsors the Residence Hall Linens program, where you can purchase extra long sheets, mattress pads and comforters (usually with free shipping, too). Proceeds from this program go back to the RHA and are used for programming and leadership opportunities on campus. Please visit RHA’s Residence Hall Linen Program to order. PLEASE NOTE:DO NOT ship linen packages to arrive early at Western Oregon University. We do not have space to store these large parcels prior to your arrival on campus. Thank you for your consideration regarding this.
    • CAN WE HAVE A MICROWAVE? Yes. But REMEMBER: Each of the Residence Halls (with the exception of Arbor Park – will have a Micro-Fridge (Microwave-Refrigerator combo) provided for you in the room. Because space IS limited, and we have provided a micro-fridge for your use, please do not bring an extra microwave. The exception to this would be Arbor Park residents because you have a full kitchen, we have not provided Micro-Fridges for this facility. You can have a microwave with a 900 watt limit or less. We encourage you to call your roommate(s) and discuss who will bring what so that large items are not duplicated.  Use these links to see specs for the model in your hall:  Barnum Micro-Fridge, Heritage-Landers-Ackerman Micro-Fridge. Microwaves must be plugged directly into the wall. (No extension cords.)
    • WHAT ABOUT SMALL APPLIANCES LIKE COFFEE POTS AND RICE COOKERS? Small coffee makers or hot-pots, WITH AUTO SHUT-OFF’S and without exposed elements – are allowed.Blenders, rice cookers, and crock pots are not allowed because there is no place to clean them – as an alternative, you might purchase frozen rice to cook in your microwave.
    • DO YOU RENT REFRIGERATORS? The University does not have refrigerators available to rent or buy. Refrigerators purchased for use in the residence halls must be no larger than 4.5 cubic feet. (See above links to Micro-fridges that are PROVIDED in Ackerman, Heritage, Landers and Barnum Halls.)
    • WHERE DO I GET MY STUDENT ID CARD? If you did not get your ID card through a virtual SOAR session, you can request an ID Card Appointment to create your ID Card – or choose to go to the Information Desk at the Werner University Center to get your card. The virtual appointments are via a google hangouts virtual meeting with the information desk.  During that meeting they will take a picture of you, create your ID card and mail or save it for you.  Please have a solid color background near you to stand in front of for your picture.  You will need your V number to create the appointment, so please have that ready.  You can choose to have your ID card mailed to you or held to be picked up in the Werner University Center, at the information desk. There is no charge for the original card. A $15.00 charge must be paid at the time of request for any subsequent replacement cards.
    • WHERE DO I GET MY MEAL CARD? Your meal card is actually your student ID card. If your ID card was not encoded for meal service at SOAR, please go to the University Housing Office. If you don’t have an ID card – or have lost your ID card, a temporary card is available through cashiers in Valsetz. If you can’t find your card you will have to get a new card made up. Use this link to set up an ID Card Appointment. Make sure to stop by the housing office to activate your new card.

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