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Menu Disclaimer
Please be aware that Campus Dining daily prepares food items containing the top 8 allergens (Wheat, soy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, Dairy and shellfish)

Within Campus dining, our ingredients and nutritional content may vary depending on various contingencies. Manufacturer’s may change their product prepartation or consistency of ingredients without our knowledge. While we make every effort to indentify ingredients, there are some contingencies that are not in our control.

We advise students to judge for themselves whether or not to question ingredients or choose to eat selected foods if they have dietary restrictions. 

  • Items may contain soy
  • Cream of Rice is Gluten FREE
  • All buns contain gluten (Request a gluten free bun at the grill station)
  • Salad Bar contains dairy, soy and items that contain gluten
  • All deep fried food comes in contact with gluten