Housing Office Staff


Jodi Reimer – Office Manager 

Susie Garcia – Receptionist, Processor

Ann Barton-Brown – University Housing Publications

Kevin Thibeault – Business Operations Manager

Conference and Event Services Staff


TBD –  Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

Student Conduct Staff


Maria Bonifacio-Sample – Coordinator for Conduct and Community Standards

Barbara Pena – Student Conduct Assistant

TBD – Residential Conduct Board Chair

Residence Hall Staff

Arbor Park (Cedar, Noble & Spruce Halls)
Area Director, Apartments and Operations, 
Karen Schlieder

Ackerman Hall Resident Director,

Rachel Magnuson

Barnum Hall Resident Director,

Karen Schlieder

Heritage Hall Resident Director, Michael Carroll

Landers Hall Resident Director, Rachel Magnuson

Coordinator, Leadership and Programs, Laura Welch

Program Assistant  – Julz Mudge

Apartment Managers

Rosa Ayala-Badillo – Knox Street

Prakriti Budhathoki – Alderview

Erin Anderson – Alderview

Residential Dining – Valsetz Food Court

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining/Chef Manager

Ben Lipp – Assistant Manager, Valsetz

Jen Levesque– Valsetz Coordinator, Campus Dining

Nichole Garcia Office Specialist, Campus Dining

Tatianna Werner Administrative Program Assistant, Campus Dining

Kevin Thibeault– Business Operations Manager

Retail Dining – Werner University Center Restaurants & Catering

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining/Chef Manager

Chris McGough – Retail/Catering Coordinator

Susan Millan – Production/Catering Coordinator

Residential Computing

Shandelle Plasker – Residential Computing Manager

TBD – Residential Computing Specialist

Dean, Director, Assistant and Associate Directors

Tina Fuchs – Dean of Students / Director of Housing

Shelly Clark  – Associate Director, Residential Education

TBD –  Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

Albert Worotikan – Director of Campus Dining

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining