Housing Office Staff


Jodi Reimer – Office Manager 

Susie Garcia – Receptionist, Processor

Ann Barton-Brown – University Housing Publications

Kevin Thibeault – Business Operations Manager

Conference and Event Services Staff


Lindsey Gibson –  Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

Student Conduct Staff


Maria Bonifacio-Sample – Coordinator for Conduct and Community Standards

Barbara Pena – Student Conduct Assistant

TBD – Residential Conduct Board Chair

Residence Hall Staff

Arbor Park (Cedar, Noble & Spruce Halls)
Area Director, Apartments and Operations, 
Karen Schlieder

Ackerman Hall Resident Director, TBD

Landers / Barnum Resident Director, Rachel Magnuson

Heritage Hall Resident Director, Joe Hahn

Coordinator, Leadership and Programs, Laura Welch

Program Assistant Residential Programming – Chace Kulm

Program Assistant Facilities and Operations – TJ Smith

Apartment Managers

Adrian Mattoon – Knox Street

April DeSantis – Alderview

Jake Sutherby – Alderview

Residential Dining – Valsetz Food Court

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining/Chef Manager

Ben Lipp – Assistant Manager, Valsetz

Jen Levesque– Valsetz Coordinator, Campus Dining

Nichole Garcia Office Specialist, Campus Dining

Tatianna Werner Administrative Program Assistant, Campus Dining

Kevin Thibeault– Business Operations Manager

Retail Dining – Werner University Center Restaurants & Catering

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining/Chef Manager

Chris McGough – Retail/Catering Coordinator

Susan Millan – Production/Catering Coordinator

Residential Computing

Ryan Jennings – Residential Computing Manager

Kyle Morell – Residential Computing Specialist

Dean, Director, Assistant and Associate Directors

Tina Fuchs – Dean of Students / Director of Housing

Shelly Clark  – Associate Director, Residential Education

Lindsey Gibson –  Associate Director, Facilities & Operations

Albert Worotikan – Director of Campus Dining

Jane Cameron-Jensen – Assistant Director, Campus Dining