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Teacher Licensure

Darlene Fritz

Pre-Education Advisor for Undergraduate Transfer Students

Office: RWEC 165


Olivia Flores

Pre-Education Advisor for Undergraduate Freshman, Post-Baccalaureate and Graduate Students

Office: RWEC 164


Prepare NOW to Apply for the Licensure Program

Welcome to the teacher education program at Western Oregon University. During your first three years, you will be learning the content and methods in the subjects you will teach. These three years are considered your “pre-education program.” During your junior year, you will apply to the licensure program where you will have a full year of student teaching prior to graduation. When you graduate with your Bachelor’s Degree, you will be a licensed teacher.

To be fully prepared to apply for the licensure program, we recommend planning ahead using the following mini-deadlines.

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

  • Once you have completed your Foundations of Education and Special Education courses, take your Civil Rights Exam. Note: this exam is currently unavailable and under review by TSPC.  Please check with your advisor if you have any questions.
  • Create a term by term plan to complete your pre-education courses at the pace that works best for you; bring this to each appointment.
  • Complete your second set of classroom observation hours either late sophomore year or early junior year and get a letter of documentationNOTE:  due to COVID, we are asking that students not contact school districts to get these observation hours at this time.  See your advisor for other options.
  • TRANSFER STUDENTS: Apply to WOU either online or for free at a “visit” event as early as possible in your Sophomore year (October or November is recommended), then send your “official” transcripts to  Also, we recommend applying for FAFSA in October, OSAC in November, and WOU scholarships in December/January.

Junior and Senior Year

  • Once you have completed your content courses, take your content exam or exam(s).  You must pass these prior to applying to the licensure program.
  • Apply to the Licensure Program by April 1st of junior year for Fall Cohort or October 1st of senior year for Winter Cohort. This includes a cover letter and resume, course planning sheet, educator disposition assessment and character questionnaire.
  • During your senior year, as you enter the licensure program and start your student teaching, be prepared to be available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the first term, with an even greater time commitment in your second and third terms.