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Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion

The office of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion centers anti-racism and anti-colonialism in our college. By placing justice first, we amplify the need to name oppression and remove barriers for students, staff, and faculty who traditionally experience inequity, invisibility, and harm in institutions of higher education.

Who We Are

The J.E.D.I. office works to ensure that our teaching, service, and research is grounded in equity with the aim of preparing socially-responsible teachers and professionals. We seek to become actively informed while advocating for and supporting those who have faced discrimination and racial aggression in schools, workplaces, and society.

Facilitation of Inclusive and Equitable Meetings

New from the Research and Resource Center with Deaf communities! Read about strategies for improving workplace meeting accessibility here.

Our Goals

Establish academic, financial, and social support for typically marginalized students.

Maintain spaces for collective healing and understanding.

Mediate institutional decision-making with an equity lens.

Become the regional leader in anti-racist education and advocacy for traditionally marginalized communities.

Training and Events

J.E.D.I. 101: Community-Based Training for Racial Healing and Understanding

J.E.D.I. 101 is designed for public sector organizations who wish to build racial literacy. The purpose of the training is to provide a space for participants to name and understand racism, to engage in collective healing, and to disrupt racist practices.

Using a structure that includes new-learning modules, focus groups, and reflection journals, participants will practice a cycle for naming and understanding their experiences, re-framing the inner dialogue associated with these experiences, and developing skills to re-act with anti-racist behaviors. This training is grounded in critical, anti-racist literature and aims to build intercultural competencies used toward undoing institutional racism and creating equitable and liberated workplaces.

To schedule a training, email Jaclyn Caires-Hurley at

BLM at School Panel Discussion

Thursday, February 3, 2022

5:00-7:00 PM

Staff, faculty, students, and community partners are invited to a panel discussion on how we can enact the demands of the Black Lives Matter at School movement in our teaching. Fey features include conversations with teachers and students, new learning related to Critical Race Theory, and a banned book giveaway.

Event Registration link:




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