Observation Hours

Observations are a part of life for teachers. We consistently are observed by administrators and other staff members, and we consistently observe our peers to learn from what they are doing. As a future teacher, you will be conducting 60 hours of classroom observations in two, 30-hour sets.

Observation hours are required for all pre-education students. Upon completing each set of observation hours, you should obtain a confidential letter of documentation from your supervisor for your application to the licensure program.

First 30 Hours* Second 30 Hours
Meant to be an exploration of your interests. Meant to be a preparation for your student teaching.
Visit multiple classrooms to determine which age group or subject would be the best fit for you. Observe in one classroom to see what it’s like to be a public school teacher in your desired subject and grade level.
Preferably completed in a classroom (see your advisor if you have already completed hours outside of a classroom). Must be completed in a public k-12 classroom, during the regular school day, and in the subject area and grade level you would like to teach.
Must be completed within your first two years of college. Must be completed within 18 months of applying to the licensure program.

*Your first set of 30-hour observations can be waived via an approved practicum based course. Contact your advisor to determine if your course meets the application requirements.

FAQs About Observation Hours

Can I be paid for my observation hours?

Yes, as long as you are meeting the rest of the requirements.

How do I set up my observation hours?

Contact the principal’s office the term before you want to start; get your paperwork/background check completed; identify which teacher you will observe; set your schedule and start/end date.

Can I observe in my parent/family member’s classroom?

No, but they probably have teacher friends that you can observe.

What do I do with my letters once I get them?

Once you have your letters, you hold onto them in your advising folder until you are ready to apply to the professional licensure program. They will be included as part of your application.