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Bringing multiculturalism and bilingualism into schools

Bilingual and Diverse Teacher Scholars Programs align resources and opportunities for students to attend WOU. As part of this program, you’ll receive academic support, individualized advising, and professional development opportunities. Upon completion, you may receive preferred hiring in your home school district.

News Flash

WOU has partnered with Unitus Community Credit Union to create a special cohort of bilingual students who are community college transfers from the Salem and Portland areas! Please follow the instructions on this page, below, to apply for the Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program, and you may be selected to be part of this special group!

Make an impact on the quality of education for all learners in your community and across Oregon

Receive a scholarship up to $3,000 per year to help cover tuition and expenses

Earn your teaching license plus an ESOL endorsement so you’re ready to enter the classroom after graduation

Eligibility criteria

Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program

Diverse Teacher Scholars Program

Note: Scholarship recipients must maintain a strong GPA and progress toward graduation to remain eligible for participation.

2022 application deadlines

Incoming Undergraduate Students:

The following should be completed prior to your first year at WOU.

  1. Between November, 2021 – January, 2022: Apply to Western Oregon University.
  2. By March 1, 2022: Apply for Bilingual/Diverse Teacher Scholars Scholarship and WOU General Scholarship.*
  3. By March 15, 2022: Applicants for Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program must complete the Spanish placement test.

* To apply for these scholarships, log in to your WOU Portal and click on the scholarship icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Learn more about applying for WOU scholarships.

Incoming Graduate Students:

Please contact Olivia Flores, Education Advisor,
for information about the deadlines for your specific graduate program:
Office: RWEC 164
Email: floreso@wou.edu

Our goals

  • Seek outstanding undergraduate and graduate students who are ethnically diverse, bilingual, and bicultural, interested in education careers.
  • Build a network of ethnically diverse and bilingual educators from across the state who can learn and grow together, and support each other
  • Braid district and university funds to support all students
  • Provide scholarship and remission opportunities to all qualifying students
  • Facilitate quarterly professional development activities and leadership opportunities for future educators
  • Organize a yearly Multicultural Teacher Conference where candidates and teachers can network and share effective approaches for supporting K-12 students and their families
  • Focus on academic success, multicultural education, and dual language development
  • Students in the Bilingual Teacher Scholars Program complete academic coursework in both Spanish and English and receive the Bilingual/ESOL Certificate
  • Provide the highest quality advising and mentorship
  • Support test prep and tutoring to assure ability to pass required educator tests
  • Offer summer and school year employment in home district or other agencies
  • Assure student teaching placements in home district (when possible)
  • Arrange “first to interview” status
  • Change the world through excellence in education!

Our students

The BTS program helped me form a community at WOU, because my fellow BTS scholars and I help each other in both academic and extracurricular activities.

El programa BTS me ayudó a formar una comunidad en WOU ya que mis compañeros que son parte del programa BTS y yo nos ayudamos en lo académico y en lo extracurricular.

Carlos Martinez Rangel

Salem-Keizer School District

If it weren’t for the BTS program I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’m thankful for the resources, friendships, and for the enormous amount of support that the program has given me.

No sé dónde estaría hoy si no fuera por el programa BTS de maestros bilingües. Estoy agradecida por los recursos, amistades, y por el gran apoyo que el programa me ha brindado.

Cristina Olivares

Central School District

Being part of the BTS program has given me great opportunities to achieve my professional dreams.

Ser parte del programa BTS me ha brindado grandes oportunidades para alcanzar mis sueños profesionales.

Lourdes Salazar

Hillsboro School District

Current Students:

If you are a current education major at WOU who is bilingual in Spanish-English, and not already part of the Bilingual Teacher Scholars program, you can become a Bilingual Fellow to take advantage of these supports and professional development opportunities! You will become part of a dynamic peer network of bilingual teacher candidates!

Please sign up to become a Bilingual Fellow by completing this form: https://forms.gle/HcSJvnHT5BEpAVmBA

Stories from Bilingual Teacher Scholars