You can complete the ESOL endorsement as part of the undergraduate teacher licensure program, a graduate teacher licensure program, or as an add-on endorsement (if you already have a teaching license). The information below is for students in the undergraduate teacher licensure program. For information about the endorsement for graduate students or current teachers, see Graduate Program ESOL Endorsement.

What does it mean to have an ESOL Endorsement?

When you graduate, in addition to your degree and Oregon teaching license, you’ll have an ESOL endorsement added to your license. This is an additional credential that means you have specialized knowledge and skills to teach emergent bilingual learners, which will make you highly marketable. It also means that you can teach english language development as a content area.

Why should I consider the ESOL endorsement?

  • English Learners (ELs) represent 10% of the total K-12 student population in the S. (US Department of Education, 2018)
  • In Oregon, ELs represent between 7% and 10% of the total school In the Salem-Keizer School District, ELs comprise 15.9% (US Department of Education, 2018)
  • There is currently a national shortage of EL teachers (Mitchell, 2018)
  • An ESOL endorsement will give you the credentials and skills to serve your future EL students
  • An ESOL endorsement will also make you a better teacher in general, by giving you valuable tools to differentiate instruction and the rationale to understand all your students
  • You do not need to know another language to take the ESOL courses

What are the requirements for the ESOL endorsement?

You will need to take six courses, pass a test, and take the ESOL practicum. You will need to plan ahead and take your classes early enough to make sure you fit in all the requirements by the time you graduate. A recommended schedule is below.

Sophmore Year

  • ED 481D Introduction to ESOL and Bilingual Education
  • ED 482D Foundations of ESOL/Bilingual Education

Junior Year

  • ED 483D Culture, Community and the ESOL/Bilingual Classroom
  • ED 484D First and Second Language Acquisition and Educational Linguistics
  • ED 491D Curriculum Models, Instructional Approaches and Assessment Strategies for ELs

Senior Year

  • Term 1: ED 492D Classroom Strategies for English Language Development in ESOL and Bilingual Settings
  • Term 2: Pass ESOL ORELA-NES exam
  • Term 3: ED 409D ESOL Practicum

Additional Program Information

* To register for the exam, login to Moodle using the WOU Portal and your PawPrint username and password. Select the “All Courses” link and search for ESOL NES.


Contact your program advisor. ESOL program advisors are assigned based on students’ last names. Find yours in the table below.

Dr. Josh Schulze
RWEC 126
Dr. Carmen Caceda
RWEC 222
Dr. Jessica Dougherty
RWEC 221
Dr. Maria Dantas-Whitney
RWEC 223
Dr. Kristen Pratt
RWEC 223