The Office of Clinical Practice and Licensure coordinates student teaching placements, assists with the licensure process, and provides ongoing support and up-to-date information throughout the clinical teaching experience.

The clinical teaching experience

The clinical teaching experience, also known as student teaching is a year-long, university-supervised, classroom experience that takes place during the final year. Students become eligible for a clinical placement upon acceptance to the professional licensure program.

Each year, we coordinate the placement of more than 250 Teacher Candidates in 30 Oregon school districts.

Who is involved in the clinical teaching experience?

  • Teacher Candidate: The student in the professional licensure program completing their clinical teaching experience. Sometimes called the student teacher or preservice teacher.
  • Cooperating Teacher: The experienced teacher sharing their classroom with the Teacher Candidate. Sometimes called the supervising teacher, mentor teacher, or clinical teacher.
  • University Supervisor: The person responsible for supporting both the Teacher Candidate and the Cooperating Teacher.



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