CLEP and Placement test: what is the difference? 

To test out of second year requirement and earn course credit, you take CLEP exam, AP exams,  Willamette Promise or Special Credit by Examination.

To place into a Spanish course at WOU, but earn no course credit, take the Spanish Placement test. It is free and it is taken only once. It does not give you credits. If you are are placed in a 300 level class, you will need the CLEP exam or AP credits,  credits to obtain 12 credits for second year of Spanish.

CLEP Examinations: Spanish with writing Level 1 & 2

What is the CLEP exam?

CLEP examinations are designed to measure knowledge and ability equivalent to that of students who have completed 3 – 9 terms (2-4 semesters) of college foreign language study. The exam focuses on skills typically achieved from the end of the first year through the second year of college study. Material taught during both years is incorporated into a single exam.

By taking the CLEP Exam, you have the opportunity to receive college credit for previously acquired knowledge, including native language, independent study, prior course work, on the job training, professional development, cultural pursuits, or internships

To view the WOU College credits earned for each CLEP proficiency rating passed with a score of 50 over better, see table below

WOU Course Needed Test Score Credits  Take CLEP Exam Titled
FR 201, FR 202, FR 203 50+ 12 French Level 1 & 2
GL 101, GL 102, GL 103 50+ 12 German Level 1 & 2
GL 201,GL  202, GL 203 60+ 12 German Level 1 & 2
SPAN 101, SPAN 102, SPAN 103 50+ 12 Spanish with Writing Level 1 & 2
SPAN 201, SPAN 202, SPAN 203 63+ 12 Spanish with Writing Level 1 & 2


You will find more information at the WOU Academic Catalog page 9.

How to Apply

Visit the the Chemeketa CLEP Testing website to view a tutorial on creating an account, registering and purchasing exam(s)

How to Prepare for a CLEP Exam

Visit the College Board CLEP website to view a tutorial for test-takers which will help you become familiar with the testing tools, the types of examination questions and types of calculators that will appear in CLEP exam. To view the CLEP tutorial video visit the website listed below:

Cost of the CLEP Exam

CLEP test fees are comprised of two components. All fees are non-refundable.

  • CLEP exam fee: $89.00, subject to change without notice. Students must go online to Chemeketa Comunity College at   to create and account, register, order and pay for an exam(s). Test candidates must print their CLEP Exam Registration Ticket(s) as proof of exam ordered and payment made and bring the printed Registration Ticket to the Testing Resource Center.
  • Chemeketa administrative fee: $35.00. Note: this payment is in addition to and not to be combined with the CLEP exam fee.

Which one do I have to test?

There are two different CLEP Spanish Tests. You will need to choose the Spanish with Writing: Levels 1 and 2. visit the website listed below:

Spanish Placement Test

What is the online placement test?

  • Students who have had previous study of Spanish in high school and intend to continue in the language must take the online WebCAPE placement test to determine which level of course to register for at WOU. This is placement test, it does not provided university credits.
  • The department will review the results of the placement examination in conjunction with other information, such as number of years that the language was studied, grades earned, etc. The department reserves the right to change the student’s placement if it believes that the student has not been placed at the most appropriate level.
  • Students who believe they were misplaced on the basis of the placement test score should consult the department of Modern Languages at

Who needs to take the online placement test?

  • Incoming freshmen who have earned high school credits in Spanish and are in one of the colleges that require a language must take the placement test.

What do I need to take the online placement exam?

  • 20 – 30 minutes depending on your skill level of the language.
  • 1 or more years in Spanish in high school.
  • If you have not studied French, German or Spanish, register for course level 101 in the respective language. Level 101 is an elementary level and you do not have to take the placement exam.
  • Take the exam ONLY ONCE.

Online placement test for students who studied Spanish.

  • This link will take you to your Portal
  • Print your results for your records.



What is important when taking the placement test?


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What does the online placement results page look like?



What if I am a native or heritage speaker of Spanish?

  • Students educated in Spanish or students who may speak the language but need to learn to read and write.
  • Spanish native or heritage speakers who will continue to study Spanish for a major or minor must take the placement exam
  • If you placed in 301 register for SPAN 317. These courses are specially designed to meet the needs of native and heritage speakers
  • If you placed below 301 contact the Department of Modern Languages for guidance