Curriculum Guidelines and Help

VII. Help & Contacts

1. Current contacts and committee links

General Education

Questions about the General Education program (
Shaun Huston, Director of General Education
503-838-8296 | | HSS 217

Questions about creating or processing a General Education course (not FYS)
Jeff Templeton, General Education Committee chair
503-838-8858 | | NS 211

Questions about General Education First Year Seminar (FYS) courses
Leanne Merrill, First Year Seminar coordinator
503-838-9342 | | MNB 126

Honors Program

Questions about the Honors program or Honors courses (
Gavin Keulks, Honors Program director
503-838-8519 | | APSC 210

Questions about creating or processing an Honors course
Jaime Cloud, Honors Committee chair
503-838-9211 | | TODD 311


Undergraduate Curriculum

Questions about Curriculum Guidelines, program proposals (new programs or modifying programs), new course proposals (not General Education), modifying course proposals, using the Portal curriculum system, chain of command for curriculum processing, temporary proposals for trial courses (
Annie Ittner, Curriculum Committee chair 2021 – 2022
503-838-6362 | | RWEC 131

Graduate Curriculum

Questions about new or modified graduate programs or courses (
Melanie Landon-Hays  Graduate Studies chair 2021-22
503-838-9223 | |RWEC 123

Curriculum Portal

Questions about technical help or issues with the curriculum portal?
Camila Gabaldón, Faculty Senate programmer
503-838-8653 | | HL 209A

Office of Academic Affairs & 90 credit majors

Questions about 90 credit major guidelines, questions about external program reviewing or submission criteria (
Rob Winningham, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs
503-838-8271 | | ADM 202


Where are the General Education Program Guidelines?

When will my curriculum changes be active?

See V. Deadlines and Timing > 7. Proposal activation timing

Why is the curriculum deadline so early for inclusion in the fall catalog?

Spring break prevents us from having March curriculum evaluation meetings, so the next opportunity to approve proposals is the third Tuesday of April, which does not allow enough time for full approvals prior to the catalog editing / review / turnover for the start of summer term activation. The fall catalog changes are always valid starting summer term.

Can I modify a course to a new number or prefix and still offer the the existing course number and prefix?

If you wish to modify a course to a new number or prefix, but wish to keep the old number and prefix, it is best to simply create a new course with a new number and / or prefix and drop the existing course once you are done offering it.

See 5. Modifying an existing course under II. Courses. The existing prefix and / or number will no longer be available and may not be offered once an approved modification is activated. See V. Deadlines and Timing > 7. Proposal activation timing

How do I activate a prerequisite reduction for student access?

See V. Deadlines and Timing > 7. Proposal activation timing

My approved proposal is not in the catalog, what should I do?

Please check the date of the approval. If your final approval is April or later, it is likely that your proposal missed the catalog deadline and will appear in the next catalog (year).

  • See the VII. Archives
  • If your proposal was approved prior to April, but does not show in the catalog for the academic year starting the following fall, please contact the university catalog coordinator (Registrar’s Office) for assistance via

When are temporary course proposals due?

See V. Deadlines and Timing > Calendar | 5. Temporary Courses (new only)

Where is a list of all of the proposal questions?

See I. Proposal Submission > 9. List of curriculum proposal questions

How do you enter curriculum proposals for an undergraduate / graduate or other cross-listed course?

See II. Courses > 11. Cross-listed courses

What catalog should I use when proposing a course or program change?

The system will auto-fill current course and program descriptions using the current academic catalog. Refer to when planning your proposal.