This page contains summary reports from Faculty Senate committees. Reports are sorted by committee, and then in reverse chronological order starting in 2018/2019. In the case of ad hoc committees, reports may not be available for every year.

Academic Requirements Committee (ARC)

2018/2019 ARC Summary Report

Academic Technology & Requirements Committee (ATRC)

2018/2019 ATRC Report

Committee on Committees (ConC)

2018/2019 ConC Report

Curriculum Committee (CC)

2019/2020 CC Summary Report
2018/2019 CC Summary Report

General Education Committee (GEC)

2018/2019 GEC Summary Report

Graduate Studies Committee (GRAD)

201/2019 GRAD Summary Report

Honors (HON)

International Education and Services Committee (IESC)

2018/2019 IESC Summary Report