General Education Program


News & Updates

First Year Seminar Students are doing amazing things!

Check out the Guide to Vegetarian and Vegan Eating in Monmouth website built by students in the FYS Learning Community "Can your food choices help save the world?"

General Education help

Your academic advisor is your first stop for help with General Education requirements. If you are looking for assistance with a transfer course or other requirement petition, you can book an appointment at the Gen Ed office via the WCS button in your portal. Drop in office hours are Tuesday 1-3 pm in the Advising Center.

General Education Petition Process Update

We've just made it easier to complete a General Education petition! You can electronically submit your petition request using the online General Education petition form. Incomplete petition forms may be postponed, so make sure you work with your advisor and you have all of the information, including course descriptions, ready to help you complete your petition.   

Military Veterans and Active Duty Personnel

Make sure you file your Joint Services Transcript with the registrar’s office. You may have filled some General Education requirements already.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Intellectual foundations and breadth of exposure: Put into practice different and varied forms of knowledge, inquiry, and expression that frame academic and applied learning.
  2. Critical thinking: Demonstrate the ability to evaluate information and develop well-reasoned and evidence-based conclusions.
  3. Citizenship: Articulate the challenges, responsibilities, and privileges of belonging in a complex, diverse, interconnected world.
  4. Multidisciplinary learning: Integrate knowledge, perspectives, and strategies across disciplines to answer questions and solve problems.


General Education is a crucial component of the learning experience at Western Oregon University, providing students with fundamental skills for lifelong learning. Students apply, communicate, and integrate ideas from a variety of disciplines. They gain abilities to think and act critically as citizens of a complex and ever-changing world. The curriculum empowers students to pursue diverse interests and perform varying roles in their personal, social, and professional lives.