Campus Conversation Tuition and the Tuition Setting Process – Mar 18, 2021

Happening now: Monthly Campus Conversations for 2020-2021

UBAC is hosting a series of monthly campus conversations about WOU’s budget. The tentative schedule and topics are:

    • October 15 (3:30-4:30): Overview of Fiscal Year 21 Budget and Enrollment
    • November 19 (3:30-4:30): Auxiliaries and Fee Funded Areas (IFC, Student counseling, athletics, housing, dining, etc.)
    • December: No Meeting
    • January 21: General Fund Expenses (PEBB, PERS, OPE, and other major expenses explained)
    • February 18: State Funding Model (SSCM) Presentation Material
    • Temporarily Postponed: March 18: Tuition and the Tuition Setting Process (including fee remissions)
    • April 15: Capital Funding
    • May 20: TBD

The University Budget Advisory Committee (UBAC) is an advisory group consisting of representation from faculty, classified staff, unclassified exempt staff, students and administrators. This body is advisory to the President and all members shall be appointed by the President based on recommendations from appropriate constituencies. The UBAC will make recommendations to the President prior to finalizing budget recommendations from the President to the Board of Trustees. Final funding recommendations are expected to have clear linkages to the University’s Strategic Plan.