Faculty Senate




February 25, 2020


3:15 - 5:15 p.m.
Business 3:30 - 5 p.m.


Willamette Room


2020-02-25 Agenda (PDF) | DOCX version

Draft Minutes

2020-02-11 Draft Minutes (DOCX)

2019-02-25 MATERIALS

Institutional Reports

4.1. Faculty Senate President's Report (PDF) (Kristin Latham-Scott)
4.2. University President's Report (Rex Fuller)
4.3. Provost's Report (PDF) (Rob Winningham)
4.4. Interinstitutional Faculty Senate (Tad Shannon, Emily Plec)
4.5. General Education (Camila Gabaldón)

Old Business

No old business.

New Business

6.1 Package of proposals – each will be voted upon separately:
6.1.1. AB Core presentation file (PDF)
6.1.2. Proposed AB/BAS Core alignment to new Gen Ed (web, requires portal login) (Sue Monahan)
6.1.3. Proposed name change: Applied Baccalaureate (AB) to Bachelor of
Applied Science (BAS) (web, requires portal login)
(Sue Monahan)
6.1.4. Proposed modified degree, BAS option – Early Childhood Studies (PDF) (Cindy Ryan)
6.2 Proposed Graduate Learning Outcomes (PDF) (Melanie Landon-Hayes)
6.3 Proposed Accelerated Master’s Program (PDF) (David Foster)
6.4 Proposed Bachelor of Music General Education requirements (web, requires portal login) (James Reddan)
6.5 new certificate: ASL Studies Culture (PDF) (Brent Redpath)
6.6 new certificate: ASL Studies Linguistics (PDF) (Brent Redpath)
6.7 new certificate: Infant and Toddler (PDF) (Cindy Ryan)
6.7.1. HECC proposal (PDF)
6.8 new certificate: Spanish-English Interpreting and Translation (web, requires portal login) (Jamie Marroquin)
6.8.1. Presentation with rationale (PDF)
6.9 new certificate: Bilingual and Biliteracy in Spanish (web, requires portal login) (Patricia Gimenez-Eguibar)
6.9.1. Presentation with rationale (PDF)
6.10 new certificate: Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (web, requires portal login) (Patricia Gimenez-Equibar)
6.10.1. Presentation with rationale (PDF)
6.11 new certificate: Social Justice/Service Learning Latino Comm. (web, requires portal login) (Claudia Costagliola)
6.11.1. Presentation with rationale (PDF)


No discussion items.

Informational Presentations

No informational presentations.


Faculty Senate President, Kristin Latham-Scott

Phone: 503 838 8868
E-mail: fspresident@mail.wou.edu