Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs fosters an accessible student-centered learning environment that prepares students to lead meaningful and responsible lives. Our graduates are equipped to be successful professionals and compassionate global citizens. As the chief academic officer of the university, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs leads and supports excellence, innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement of all academic programs.

I have taught at Western Oregon University (WOU) for over 18 years. That experience has continually shown me that WOU is a place where hard working and motivated students can live to their fullest potential. We pride ourselves on being culturally, financially, and physically accessible for individuals who want to earn bachelor or master degrees, in order to transform their lives. WOU is a student-centered university where students can work closely with faculty and, through this, get the skills, advice, and mentoring necessary to succeed. Many students take advantage of the abundant opportunities to engage more deeply in their education, by doing research with professors, participating in creative arts performances, giving presentations at Academic Excellence Showcase, studying abroad, developing new apps, publishing in PURE Insights or engaging other high impact experiences. All of this to say WOU is a place where students are supported and encouraged to be their very best.

Rob Winningham