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We support excellence, innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement of all academic programs.

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The role of Academic Affairs and the Office of the Provost is central to the success and vitality of the university. We oversee and support the academic mission of the institution, ensuring that it maintains the highest standards of excellence in education, research, and scholarship.

Our office provides academic leadership and interacts closely with deans, department heads, and faculty to shape the strategic direction of the university’s academic programs. We aim to ensure our academic offerings are innovative, relevant, and aligned with our university’s mission and vision.

Student success is a primary focus, and we strive to create an environment where every student can thrive. From curriculum development to academic support services, we are committed to fostering an inclusive, diverse, and supportive learning community.

We are dedicated to the professional development and well-being of our students, staff, and faculty. We support their growth, research, and endeavors to create an environment where they can excel.

We champion academic integrity, research excellence and the pursuit of knowledge, and strive to foster a culture of excellence and innovation in everything we do.

Our office is committed to upholding the highest academic standards, nurturing innovation, and providing an enriching educational experience. Together, we’ll continue to advance our university’s academic mission.

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    Written by Maureen Brakke MONMOUTH, Ore. –  Since 1999, Western Oregon University’s Division of Behavioral Sciences has supported Talmadge Middle School students in Independence, Oregon to foster positive mentoring relationships. Juniors and seniors at Western interested in working with youth in the fields of education, social work, and/or […]

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    Pictured: Henry Hughes Written by Maureen Brakke MONMOUTH, Ore. –  Western Oregon University Professor of Literature and Writing Henry Hughes, Ph.D., recently returned from an expedition to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia Islands, and the Antarctic Peninsula to experience, study, and report on wildlife, ocean conditions, ice, climate […]

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