Curriculum Guidelines and Help

Table of Contents

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I. Proposal submission

  1. Requests requiring curriculum proposals
  2. Who may initiate a curriculum proposal?
  3. Entering a curriculum proposal
  4. Saving a curriculum proposal
  5. Editing a curriculum proposal
  6. Duplicating a curriculum proposal
  7. Withdrawing a curriculum proposal (for editing or deleting)
  8. Deleting a curriculum proposal
  9. List of curriculum proposal questions

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II. Courses

  1. Available course numbers
  2. Course use in programs
  3. New permanent course
  4. New temporary course
  5. New course prefix
  6. Modifying an existing course
  7. Bulk course proposals
  8. Dropping an existing course
  9. Gen Ed – New course
  10. Gen Ed – Modifying an existing course
  11. Modifying existing course goals
  12. Cross-listed / slash courses
  13. Prerequisite, Corequisite and Prerequisite (may be taken concurrently)
  14. Consultation with others
  15. Required corresponding program change
  16. Linking to a program proposal
  17. Tips for course proposal
  18. Activating a prerequisite reduction

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III. Programs

  1. Program terminology
  2. New certificate program
  3. New minor program
  4. New concentration or focus area
  5. New major program
  6. Modifying existing program
  7. Modifying existing program learning outcomes, but no other part of the program
  8. Creating additional, B.A., B.S. or B.F.A pathways
  9. Dropping a program
  10. Consultation with others
  11. Credit guidelines for programs
  12. (Sample) Four-year plans
  13. Notifying NWCCU about program changes
  14. Tips for program proposals

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IV. Proposal routing

  1. Curriculum evaluation (reviewing) committees
  2. Reviewing and approving proposals
  3. FYS and Honors topic proposal routing
  4. Permanent course proposal routing
  5. Temporary course proposal routing
  6. Course goals, program mission or program learning outcomes only routing
  7. New minor and new certificate proposal routing
  8. New focus and new concentration proposal routing
  9. New program proposal routing
  10. Modified program proposal routing
  11. Dropped program proposal routing
  12. Email notifications
  13. Faculty committee membership management

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V. Working with affected programs

VI. Deadlines and timing

  1. Catalog deadlines
  2. Calendar | Courses (new, modify, drop) & Programs (modify, drop)
  3. Calendar | Undergraduate and Graduate Certificates (new)
  4. Calendar | Programs (new (non-certificate))
  5. Calendar | Temporary Courses (new only)
  6. Calendar | Definitions and footnotes
  7. Proposal activation timing

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VII. Help & Contacts

  1. Current contacts and committee links
  2. FAQs

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VIII. Archives

  1. Proposal archives
  2. Minutes archives
  3. Shared campus documents

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