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University Withdrawal

Considering dropping/withdrawing from all of your courses?  Here is some important information you will want to know and steps you should take!

Withdrawing during weeks 1-7 of the term
  • Prior to dropping/withdrawing from all of your classes, we encourage you to meet with an Academic Success Advisor.
  • You may drop/withdraw from all courses in Wolf Web:
    • Login to Wolf Web, select the Student Menu, and choose Registration & Schedule
    • Select Register for Classes and choose the appropriate term
    • Use the drop-down menu next to each enrolled course to choose to drop/withdraw from the course
    • Click Submit Changes
    • When the page refreshes confirm that each course has a dropped/withdrawn status
  • If you have a hold that prevents you, from dropping/withdrawing from courses online, send an email from your WOU email account to and request to be withdrawn from the university for the term. Your email must include your student ID number.
  • If you have withdrawn for medical reasons consider following up with the Dean of Students regarding a medical withdrawal.
  • Review the Accounting & Business Services, Financial Aid, Housing, Medical Withdrawal, and Registrar Office sections of this page regarding important information you need to be aware of and in some cases additional steps you may need to take.
Late withdrawal requests

There are two possible options for requesting a late withdrawal from the university for a given term.

  • If the reasons for your request are medical in nature, submit a medical withdrawal request to the Dean of Students office.
  • To request a late withdrawal for any other reason complete an Academic Petition.
  • Review the Accounting & Business Services, Financial Aid, Housing, Medical Withdrawal, and Registrar Office sections of this page regarding important information you need to be aware of and in some cases additional steps you may need to take.

Prior to dropping/withdrawing from all your classes, you are encouraged to speak with an Academic Success Advisor to discuss your reasons for dropping/withdrawing and determine if that is the best path based on your needs. To schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Advisor, you may call 503-838-8428 or stop by the Advising Center. If you decide to drop/withdraw from your classes, speak with your assigned advisor (this is based on your major) to determine what classes to take when you return to WOU and how dropping/withdrawing may impact your path to graduation. To find your assigned advisor’s information, log in to the WOU Portal, Click on the [+ add channel] button on the bottom right corner, and click on the link ‘Advisor Information‘.

Accounting & Business Services

After you have dropped your courses, check your account summary for any balance you may owe. Your account summary can be found in Wolf Web under Student Menu/Student Records. Contact Accounting & Business Services to make payment arrangements if you cannot pay your balance in full. If you have Federal financial aid your balance may change after your withdrawal is processed by the financial aid office. You will want to check your account summary after you receive an email from the financial aid office.

Financial Aid

Your federal aid and scholarships may be impacted!

Federal Aid any federal aid recipient who withdraws from all classes after the term begins (including courses at a community college), prior to completing more than 60% enrollment for the term, may have their eligibility for federal aid recalculated based on the percentage of the term completed.

Scholarships – to retain your eligibility for renewable scholarships, you may be required to complete full-time attendance each term. For more information, see the Scholarship FAQ online or contact the Scholarship Officer and Financial Aid Counselor at (503) 838-9307.

For additional questions on how your aid and eligibility will be impacted, contact the Financial Aid Office at (503) 838-8475 or see our Withdrawal Policy at


If you currently live on campus, please contact University Housing to inform them of your decision to withdraw from your classes. You must be enrolled in classes to live on campus so withdrawing will impact your ability to remain on campus. For additional information or guidance, please call 503-838-8311.

Withdrawing for medical-related reasons?

If you are withdrawing for medical reasons related to your physical/mental health, submit a medical withdrawal request with supporting documentation to the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students office. If you have questions before filling out this form, please contact the Associate Vice President/Dean of Students office at 503-838-8311 or email to discuss options for withdrawing for medical reasons that include grade and financial accommodations. When emailing the AVP/Dean, please include “Medical Withdrawal Request” in the subject line.

Office of the Registrar

When you are ready, we invite you to return to WOU to earn your degree. You will remain an active student for four terms beyond your last term of attendance. If you’d like to re-enroll within the four-term time period after your withdrawal, you simply need to meet with your adviser to prepare to enroll in an upcoming term. If you are gone longer than four terms, you will complete a readmission application before you may register for classes. The form can be found online:

Additional information is available online regarding how to register and how to resolve registration holds.