Curriculum Code Sheets - University Registrar

Curriculum Code Sheets

Use the filters to find the major, degree, concentration, and or effective term you are looking for.

For example:

  1. Open the Sheet
  2. Use the Major Description filter to find and click on a major
  3. Review the valid degree(s), status, and if applicable concentrations of that major

Tips for understanding the sheet:

  1. The effective term is the first term that a new coding combination came into effect.
  2. The Active columns indicate if that particular code was active that effective term. For example, effective 201600 the Business major code 0009 did not have any concentrations, hence the blank concentration fields. Effective 201700 the Business major adopted concentrations so the fields are no longer blank and the Concentration Active field contains “Yes”
  3. During the transition to the new GenEd, effective 201900 forward, most programs that offered a BA or BS transitioned to one or the other. In the Business example you will see that the BA is no longer active as of 201900, but the BS degree options are active.