Academic petitions

What is an academic petition for?

Students are responsible for managing their own registration and are required to adhere to published policies and deadlines, but sometimes encounter extraordinary circumstances that prevent them from doing so. The Academic Petition Review Committee exists to review such cases. Academic policies can be found in the current Course Catalog, and the Academic Calendar with pertinent deadlines can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s homepage. Students who have experienced extraordinary circumstances that have prevented them from adhering to policies and deadlines may submit an academic petition to request an exception. Examples of policies/deadlines that students may petition: registration deadlines, drop/withdrawal deadlines, graduation application deadlines, University (non-major/minor) graduation requirements, and registration overloads.

How do I submit an academic petition?

You can access the link to the petition form by going to and looking for “Academic Petition.”

What documentation do I need to submit to support my academic petition?

Academic petitions are typically approved only if you cite extraordinary circumstances that were beyond your control. If you have documentation of the extraordinary circumstance, it greatly helps your case. While you are not required to submit documentation, be aware that the committee is less likely to approve a petition that does not have verifiable documentation. Also be aware that the submission of documentation does not guarantee that your petition will be approved. More guidance for petition submission can be found here.

Depending on the type of petition you submit, we may ask your course instructor(s) or academic advisor for their recommendation and comment about your petition. Your petition is not considered complete until your instructor and/or advisor responds to our request for information, if applicable.

What if my petition contains sensitive information?

If your petition will require an explanation that discloses confidential information related to sexual harassment or sexual violence, start the process by visiting Abby’s House or the Student Health and Counseling Center to speak with a professional staff member that serves as a confidential employee. Non-confidential professional staff, faculty, and student staff members are required by federal law to report to a University official information disclosed that is related to sexual harassment or sexual violence and an investigation will result.

Confidential employees are not required to make a report to a University official and will typically not share information without your permission. However, they may be required or allowed to share information in certain circumstances. For example, if a court order is presented, if they have reason to believe that a student is at high risk for suicide, or violence toward others, or if a minor is being abused.

How long will it take for my academic petition to be reviewed?

Petitions are reviewed weekly on Wednesdays by the Academic Petition Review Committee. Petitions completed by 12:00 noon on Tuesday will be reviewed that same week. Please note that if your petition requires instructor and/or advisor input, your petition is not complete until they respond to our requests for information. The decision of the Academic Petition Review Committee will be communicated to you via email by 5 pm on the Wednesday that it is reviewed.

If the Committee denies my petition, how may I appeal the decision?

To appeal a denial, you must re-submit a petition to the committee and include new information and/or documentation. If your first appeal is denied by the committee, you may request that your petition materials be forwarded to the Dean of the college in which you have declared your major (students with an undeclared major will have petitions reviewed by the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences). If the Dean denies your appeal, you may request that your petition materials be forwarded to the Provost. The decision of the Provost is not appealable.