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Documentation Guidelines

Documentation guidelines for academic petitions

If you are submitting an academic petition, the Academic Petition Review Committee strongly recommends that you submit supporting documentation.

What is appropriate documentation?
  • Medical records to substantiate illness or injury:
    • A letter on doctor/clinic/hospital letterhead that includes dates of service.
    • A letter of support from a medical or mental health professional that includes dates of service.
  • Records to substantiate death of family member:
    • A copy of an obituary with the date of death.
    • A news article.
    • An original copy of a funeral program
  • Other circumstances:
    • Legal issues — court or law enforcement documentation
    • Change of housing — lease documents or mortgage paperwork
    • Change of employment — letter from employer.
What is NOT appropriate documentation?
  • Letters from medical providers that are not on official letterhead
  • Letters that are not signed and/or do not provide contact information of person providing information
  • Letters from family members
  • Photos of medical incidents or conditions
  • Chart notes from doctor/clinic/hospital that includes dates of service, relevant diagnosis, and treatment/restrictions.
  • Any documents that do not have the following redacted: Social security numbers, dates of birth, other sensitive information that is not pertinent to your petition
How do I submit my documentation?
  • Attach to your Academic Petition Form
  • E-mail PDFs or image files to
  • If your documentation is from WOU’s Student Health and Counseling Center, you may have them submit official documentation via WOU email to or through campus mail to the Registrar’s Office