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(University Housing will communicate throughout the summer and INTO THE ACADEMIC YEAR with you via your student WOU email address and  your Housing Overview. Get in the habit NOW of checking both for important information that will impact your housing.)

March / April

After you receive your confirmation email, we will start our “conversation” with you by getting you information and links for My College Roomie – our roommate matching program to search for and connect with your perfect roommate(s)!
Expect the Roommate Selection to get underway in July of this year and the Housing Selection piece to follow shortly after that  – also in July.

Spring eMail

May marks the continuation of the “conversation” that we started with all of our students who have completed the housing reservation process.

Look for this important Spring Email with information to access online, to be delivered to your WOU email by late May.


July is Selection month. New Incoming students will be choosing roommates as well as the space that they will live in for the coming year throughout this month and into August. A broad outline is below. For details – including this year’s timeline –  on the Housing Selection process for New Incoming students, please see: Housing Selection Details.

  • Look for an emailed invitation (through your WOU email) from My College Roomie (MCR) in early July to access their program, fill out a profile and then find and match with your chosen roommate(s). Matched roommates in MCR will roll overnight into our housing system setting you up to pull your matched roommates into your room selection or to be pulled into a room selection by your matched roommate later in July when Housing Selection will begin. 
  • We will send out a reminder email , but you can start checking your Housing Overview page in late July.  Once start date/times are posted – PLAN AHEAD – so that you (or the person in your group with the earliest start date/time) can access the system asap after your start time rolls around. The sooner you login and choose, the less competition you will have for the space you want!
  • Housing Selection for new incoming students is expected to start in late July and will run until our August deadline.


Our new incoming students will continue their selection process during this time period. DEADLINES OF NOTE during this time period:

  • July 22: 5:00 pm DEADLINE to submit your Housing Reservation form and still have the opportunity to choose your room. (Students who reserve a space after this time will be placed by housing staff).
  • July 26: Housing Selection for new incoming students begins.
  • July 26: Housing Contract are available to electronically sign/submit.

Late July

tentatively DUE 5:00 PM, AUGUST 13, 2021 –

You will need to electronically submit
BOTH your Contract & EIAF the by the deadline to hold your
housing reservation for the coming term.


University Housing will also be checking for registration for the coming term. Students who are not registered for classes (minimum 8 credit hours for undergrads and 6 credit hours for graduate students) must either register or be subject to cancellation of housing reservation and loss of placement. 

by late August

We receive cancellation and placement requests right up to and through Fall Move-In Week. Remember to look on your Housing Overview page to see if any changes have been made to your housing assignment or to who your roommate(s) will be.OF NOTE:  Room, Board and Meal Plan charges will be posted to your student accounts in late August – BUT ARE NOT DUE – until after the term begins – See the Academic Calendar for details.


  • Housing Contracts & Emergency Information Authorization Forms released in late July must be read, signed, dated and electronically submitted by 5:00 p.m. Friday, August 13th (currently a tentative date) to hold your housing reservation.


Sent out after Labor Day, usually an email, this is the final “official” message from University Housing before move-in day. On-campus addresses for the academic year are released, and any last minute information regarding move-in will be passed along in this final check-up.


Fall Move In! – Tentatively set for September 23-26 this year, Fall Move In Week marks the beginning of Fall Orientation. Classes start the following Monday, September 27th. See the link below for details.


University Housing

(503) 838-8311 | or e-mail: housing@wou.edu  | Location: Ground floor of Ackerman Hall