DACA & Undocumented Student Resources

Career Resources for Undocumented Students

Navigating your career path and gaining experience in a given field is challenging enough as a student or recent graduate, however, with the added stressors of financial challenges, employment barriers and fear of deportation, these challenges can seem insurmountable.

Our Center for Professional Pathways team is here to support you in your journey, whether it is finding a career that meets your interests and strengths, gaining the experience you need to build your resume, making connections, becoming an independent contractor or even applying for and funding your graduate schooling. We are committed to supporting you, regardless of your citizenship or immigration status.

On-Campus Resources

Resources for DACA & Undocumented Students

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Explore Options

Discover the career path you want to pursue through exploration. Find out what your strengths and values are and how you can apply them to a professional pursuit. Not sure where to start? Come talk to us and we’ll provide you with some tools that can help start you off.

Gain Experience

Whether it is through a club you join, organization you volunteer at or company you intern for; whether it is paid or unpaid; your experiences are the things that give you the skills you need to succeed in your career. Learn about what skills you’ve already acquired and what you should work on gaining in order to break into your field of interest.

Apply / Interview

There are many questions that will come up when searching and applying for positions as an undocumented applicant. Discussing your status and answering interview questions can be confusing. Contact a career counselor in the CPP to discuss different strategies and how to overcome these obstacles.  

Graduate School

Deciding whether or not you want to attend graduate school comes differently for everyone. Knowing why you want to attend will usually determine when it is best for you to attend and knowing if it is necessary for the path you are pursuing. Understanding the costs of grad-school can be the biggest hurdle when choosing this option and understanding which resources are available to you as an undocumented student is key.