Lunch & Learn

Welcome to CPP’s Lunch & Learn

Virtual Workshop Series for Career Readiness!

Grab a bite (or a whole meal for that matter) and join us from the comfort of wherever you are for our virtual workshop series on career readiness! We’ll cover a range of topics to help you to be career ready for the world after WOU.

April 5th - Spring Clean Your Resume
April 19th - World After WOU

Wondering what the world after WOU has in store for you? It has to be one of the biggest questions posed to college students. Join us as we take a dive into some of the many options you have and what you’re already doing to help get you there!

May 3rd - Finding the Hidden Job Market

Ever know someone who got a job that seemingly appeared out of thin air? Well it didn’t. There are many jobs out there that never make it to traditional job boards and search engines, but how do you find them? We’ll talk about how to create your own path to a great job outside of the typical job market scene and how these great companies still find awesome candidates.

May 17th - Interview Confidence

Interview confidence. Seems like an oxymoron to most people. Interviews are often the most dreaded step of the hiring process for young and older job seekers alike. And for good reason! You’ve studied for thousands of hours leading up to this point and you get 30 minutes to wow the person sitting across from you. We’ll talk about how to prepare yourself to make the best impression you can in an interview!