AES 2020 Now Online

As a reminder, the PURE Executive Committee has canceled the in-person 2020 Academic Excellence Showcase and AES 2020 will be held virtually at WOU’s Digital Commons. There will be no live or streaming activities. AES will focus solely on digital posters and pre-recorded audio and video presentations.

Students can now submit to AES 2020. Follow this link for instructions on how to submit!

Discover Opportunity at Academic Excellence Showcase 2020

On Thursday of the ninth week of spring term, May 28th 2020, Western Oregon University celebrates student academic excellence. The entire day is dedicated to the presentation of student scholarly activities, including original research, artwork, performances, and upper-division course projects, presentations and papers.

The primary objectives of the Academic Excellence Showcase are to provide an opportunity for presenters, giving them experience that will be useful in furthering their education and careers, and to expose the campus community to the breadth and importance of the scholarship that is being conducted at WOU. In a typical year, about 400 presentations are made on this day. Students, employees and community members turn out in large numbers to attend. 

AES Supports WOU’s Goals for High-Impact Learning

The Academic Excellence Showcase reflects WOU’s commitment to, “Promote academic excellence in an engaged student-focused learning environment.”

The university’s strategic plan, Forward Together, includes these goals, which AES serves to meet:

  • 4.4 Promote interdisciplinary courses and degree programs that support collaborative and multidimensional educational experiences and pathways.
  • 5.1 Create opportunities for all undergraduate programs to include high-impact activities that support achievement of undergraduate learning outcomes.
  • 5.2 Create opportunities for all graduate programs to include high-impact activities that support attainment of graduate learning outcomes.
  • 5.3 Continue and enhance support for undergraduate research experience, presentation and publication opportunities.

Meet the AES Planning Committee

Comprising faculty and staff from across campus and chaired by the PURE coordinator, the AES Planning Committee is dedicated to the event’s success. In order to ensure the highest level of participation, the group includes faculty volunteers, representing academic disciplines across campus, to serve as session chairs. Please consider joining us in our celebration of student scholarly excellence!

Lisa Catto

Stewart Baker: Digital Commons administrator; technical support

Lisa Catto

Lisa Catto: Media relations and social media

Lisa Catto

Camila Gabaldon: Technical engineer and support

Lisa Catto

Brent King: PURE assessment coordinator

Sue Kunda

Sue Kunda: Scholarly communications librarian

Lisa Catto

Sarah Lockwood: Facilities scheduling manager

Lisa Catto

Nathan Sauer: Equipment systems specialist

Lisa Catto

Denise Visuano: Director of publications and creative services

Lisa Catto

Gregory Zobel: AES Coordinator; PURE Director

Curious what a AES looks like? Watch the video to see last year’s event.


Academic Excellence Showcase

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