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Other accounts that can be protected with the Duo Mobile app*

Choose the Authenticator/Mobile App option when signing up for two-factor authentication.

If the instructions describe using Google Authenticator or any other type of authenticator app, you can go ahead and use Duo instead.

Here is Duo’s documentation on the subject.

IMPORTANT: Please be sure to enable the restoration function for your accounts so if you get a new phone or number they can be restored.

View Duo’s documentation here:
>> iOS – backed up to iCloud
>> Android – backed up to Google Drive

*Note: these are passcode only, push is not available


Social Media

Facebook –

Instagram –

Snapchat –

Reddit –

Tumblr –

Twitter –



Amazon –

Etsy –


Password Managers

1Password –

Dashlane –

LastPass –




Dropbox –

GitHub –

Google –

Microsoft –

WordPress –



Evernote –

Uber –


Helpful list of sites that support two-factor authentication

Two Factor Auth (2FA) –