What is a FAQ?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions; a FAQ is a document listing common questions about a topic, along with their answers.


How do you say “FAQ”?

You can spell it out, or pronounce it as one word, which rhymes with “hack”. Either way is considered correct.


How do I get my question addressed in a FAQ?

Just email your question to faq@wou.edu. We also accept praise, criticism, suggestions, and any other form of feedback you can fit into an email message. However, reports of technical problems should be directed to the UCS help desk instead; the FAQ address is intended for “how-to” questions.


Can I repost the FAQ’s elsewhere?

Yes, you can repost any of these FAQ’s that have relevance outside WOU, provided that you do the following:

  • Tell us where and when you are posting the FAQ’s, and which ones; if you send any of them out by email, please BCC us at faq@wou.edu
  • Credit Ron Swartzendruber by name as the author, and include a link to this page
  • Mention that the FAQ was written for WOU, and that readers outside WOU cannot contact the WOU helpdesk for help, and should not use the faq@wou.edu address
  • Keep the wording of the questions and answers exactly the same. You can remove the introductions and closings, but if you replace them with anything of your own, make sure it’s obvious what parts are yours and what are mine

Please note that these FAQ’s aren’t exactly what was sent out by email; they have been reformatted, some errors and omissions have been corrected, and some of the FAQ’s have been updated to reflect changing conditions. We will do our best to keep them all current.


Where can I find the FAQ about… ?

Here is an alphabetized list of all FAQ topics:




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