Our current version of Cognos, version 10, is no longer supported by IBM and only fully works in an old version of Microsoft Internet explorer (IE11, which is no longer supported by Microsoft). We are recommending that you start using Cognos 11 ASAP, because we don’t have control over how long the old version of IE will be viable.

Cognos version 11 includes the same functionality as Cognos 10, plus new additional features. In addition, Cognos 11 has a different look and feel to it and works in all modern browsers. Both Cognos 10 and Cognos 11 are currently production ready. If you have reports in Cognos 10 that do not appear to be in Cognos 11, please contact one of the three programmers listed below for help migrating them:

You can connect to the warehouse with Cognos 10 or 11 using the links below

Training Videos