Smart Classroom Equipment

Western Oregon University has approximately 114 Smart Classrooms and Smart Classroom computer labs, supported by Classroom Support in the University Computing Services department. Smart Classrooms are technology enhanced classrooms, which allow faculty to easily present dynamic multimedia content to their students. These rooms allow an instructor to walk into the room, log into the networked computer, select how they would like to present their content using the touch panel, and project this onto the large projection screen(s). Full time staff are on call to quickly provide knowledgeable assistance to faculty and staff should they experience equipment or network issues.

A typical single projector Smart Classroom consists of:

  • A permanently installed console or podium
  • A high lumen, high definition video projector – Panasonic or Hitachi
  • Wolfvision high definition document camera
  • Instructor computer (PC – typical, Mac, or VDI thin client)
  • DVD/VCR player, or Blu-Ray/DVD player (newer rooms)
  • 2.1 channel high quality sound system
  • A/V interface: VGA, 3.5MM audio, composite w/audio, network, and power, HDMI (newer rooms)
  • Centrally monitored Crestron touch panel control system
  • Hitachi Starboard annotating monitor
  • Telephone

A typical dual projector Smart Classroom consists of:

All of the features of a single projector with the addition of –

  • A second high lumen, high definition video projector with the ability to matrix content to either or both projectors
  • An upgraded 5.1, or 7.1 surround sound system
  • Some rooms also have an additional computer (PC and Mac, or PC and VDI thin client)

Large auditorium Smart Classrooms also have additional resources such as:

All of the features of a single projector with the addition of –smartroom3

  • Integrated IP video conferencing
  • Instructor wireless microphone
  • Public address capabilities with mixer boards, and microphone inputs



If you have any questions on the usage of a Smart Classroom, or would like to schedule a
time for training, please call Classroom Support at 88412, or call the Service Request Desk at
88925. Please report any equipment or network issues by phone to Classroom Support or by e-
mail to



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