Desktop / Laptop Videoconferencing

Desktop videoconferencing lets you interact with people from your computer or mobile device. It is very common thanks to the ubiquity of applications such as Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, and others.

For situations where quality is a key factor — for example, when making a media appearance — contact Digital Media Productions at 503-838-8975 about using the studio facilities in ITC 005. We have the equipment appropriate for such needs.

Meanwhile, the attributes below apply to standard, personal videoconferencing from your own computer.


  • Free basic software and connectivity over the Internet.
  • Compatible with multiple platforms.
  • Relatively simple to use.


  • Lack of preparation can result in poor call/video/audio quality.
  • Higher connection speed required by both parties for quality video connection.
  • Client must be installed on both ends and both users must be subscribed to the service.

Max Participants

  • Only limited by the application. WOU Zoom Meeting licenses allow for up to 300 participants. WOU Zoom Webinar licenses allow up to 1,000 participants. Contact UCS for more information on Zoom Webinar.

Equipment / Available Connection

  • Classroom Support laptops have built-in webcams, and Zoom installed.
  • Your own devices may work as well. USB webcams are available for checkout.
  • Most newer monitors now have built-in cameras and microphones.


  • University Computing Solutions – Service Request Desk Desk 503-838-8925


University Computing Solutions

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