Digitize Your Paper
  • Imagine
    All of your file cabinets with all their files, digitized and stored securely for easy retrieval. 
  • Use your own copier
    We will set up your copier and/or desktop scanner for scanning those files into our system. 
  • Secure Storage
    Your documents will be viewable only by the people in your department that are given access.
  • Enterprise Level Document Management
    Your documents will be stored in DocStar, our enterprise document management system.
Secure Access of Documents
  • Department employees who are not in the 3 groups mentioned below will have read-only access to all relevant department documents.
  • Indexers provide information about each packet that allows users to quickly search and retrieve any single or group of documents. This work is usually done by student workers for departments with a large volume of paper that needs digitizing. Once indexing is complete, indexers can have read-only or no access, depending on the preferences of the department.
  • Approvers are are the people in the department who verify that the indexing is correct before allowing a packet to be archived in its final desination. For departments with smaller volumes of paper, Approvers and Indexers are usually the same person. Approvers are able to modify content, annotate, redact, and a few other other functions that Indexers are not able to do.
  • Admins are the ones who can move documents between folders, delete documents, view redacted information, as well as everything that Approvers can do.

Electronic Submission

  • PDF Uploads
    Users will be able to upload fillable PDF files, via the web, that go straight into DocStar. These documents will be automatically indexed and bypass the need for indexing.
  • Custom WordPress Shortcodes
    UCS can provide departments with custom WordPress shortcodes that enable them to create file upload forms on their WordPress site.
  • Custom Page Design
    In the case of special needs, UCS can also create custom web forms for your department.
Three Primary Workflows
  • AP: Used for preparing and storing invoices to be forwarded to Business Services. 
  • Procurement Card Reports: Used for preparing and storing PCard reports before sending them to Business Services.
  • General Files: Used for all documents that do not fall into the above workflows. These documents will be routed according to rules that you specify. 
  • Indexing via OCR
    Documents with printed (not handwritten) information can be indexed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR), speeding up the process of indexing.
  • Routing
    Documents can be routed into folders and inboxes according to their document type and document status. For example, non-indexed documents can go to a specific Inbox. Once indexed, they are routed to a specific folder. Then upon approval of indexing, can be routed to a different folder or even to a different department!
  • Application Integration
    In some cases, UCS can add functionality to Banner to allow users to view “digitized paper” documents directly from a Banner form. For example, if looking at an invoice in Banner you will be able to pull up the paper invoice in DocStar that corresponds to the information you are looking at in Banner, with a single click of the mouse.
  • Application export/import
    If your application can save PDF files with specific data encoded in the filename, UCS can create a “batch importer” that pulls those PDF files into DocStar and indexes them automatically, bypassing the need for indexing AND index approval!

Request a Project

  • Click HERE to go to the Document Management Project Request page and begin your journey towards a paperless workplace.

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