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Our Mission

The Freedom Center is a space made by students, for students. The Freedom Center strives to serve as a safe space for all students, especially those who are BIPOC and their intersectional identities. We welcome every unique individual here at Western Oregon University as we provide resources, connections, and education for our campus.

When will the Freedom Center Team be in?

Why are we here?

Serving Underrepresented Communities

We want to support individuals from underrepresented communities. We are here to provide a safe space for students, as well as serve as their support system. 

Safe Space

Finding a space that supports your identities and makes you feel at home can be tough. The Freedom Center is here to make that search easier. We are here to help you embrace your identities and feel comfortable with yourself as an individual.


We strive to educate and advocate for our students who are part of underrepresented communities by speaking on issues faced within those communities, correcting derogatory language, being a voice for those who need a lending hand.

Connect with Us!

• Werner University Center room 202

• Phone numer: +1 (503) 838-9510

• Email: