Chelsee Blatner

Director (She/Her) | 503-838-8647

Ask Me About:
  • WUC Operations
  • Student Employment
  • Donation Boxes
  • Postings on the TV’s in the WUC
  • WUC Custodial Operations
  • Conference room set ups
  • Audio/Visual technical questions within the WUC
  • WUC building and equipment inventory
  • WUC Advisory Board
Sarah Lockwood

Sarah Lockwood

Facilities Scheduling Manager (She/Her) | 503-838-8088

Ask Me About:
  • WOU Campus Reservations
  • WUC conference room diagrams
  • WUC billing
  • Information Desk 
  • Sandwich Board Reservations
  • Student ID cards
  • ASTRA scheduling software

Katelin Granger

Coordinator, Student Activities & Inclusion (She/Her) | 503-838-8656

Ask Me About:
  • Any major event or program
  • Student Activities Board
  • Stonewall Center
  • Nontraditional Student Services
  • ASWOU Judicial Board
  • Homecoming
  • Holiday Tree Lighting
  • Family Weekend
  • Prep Week Activities
  • Black Graduation
  • Lavender Graduation
  • Student Event Advisements

Linden Loren

Coordinator, Advising & Virtual Engagement (He/Him) | 503-751-4075

Ask Me About:
  • Student Media
  • ASWOU Senate
  • Virtual events
  • Presence
  • Website edits
  • Event Advisements
Shelby Worthing

Amy Valencia

Administrative Program Specialist (She/Her)

Ask Me About:
  • Financial Procedures
  • Budgets

Mark Lilley

Custodial Services Coordinator (He/Him)

Ask Me About:
  • WUC custodial duties
  • WUC training
  • Areas of responsibility
  • WUC chemical use etc.

Rodney Van Horn

Custodian (He/Him)

Ask Me About:

Ask me questions about WUC custodial related tasks.

Jose Rojas Olivares

Program Assistant for Leadership (He/They)

Ask Me About:
  • Discover Leadership
  • Leadership Certificate
  • The Wolf Awards
  • Student Leadership Opportunities and Resources
  • Leadership Development and Programming Ideas

Grace Rowley

Program Assistant for Activities (She/Her)

Carrie Visuano

Graphics Assistant (She/Her)


Student Activities Board Director (She/Her)

Sarah Valore

Nontraditional Student Center Coordinator (She/Her)

Drew Finley

Stonewall Center Coordinator (She/They)