The Leadership Certificate Program

The Western Oregon University Leadership Certificate program supports campus leaders who are involved in a variety of areas across campus. The Leadership Certificate program incorporates existing leadership experiences on campus, combines them with learning outcomes and core competencies, and creates an experience tailored to each student’s individual leadership future! Any WOU Student who is interested in leadership and achieving the high honor of being certified under this program can apply as long as you have less than 135 credits at the time you apply. 


Application materials are accepted on an ongoing basis to the Werner University Center Information Desk. Once received and approved, applicants will be notified of current status. In order to be eligible to participate in the Leadership Certificate program, the student must demonstrate that they meet the following requirements in their completed application:

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA and in good academic and judicial standing
  • Full-time student at Western Oregon University with less than 135 credits
  • Willingness to grow, challenge yourself and complete all aspects of the Leadership Certificate program.

The Process

Students accepted into the Leadership Certificate program will be required to complete a number of “points” in different core competencies. These competencies assure a well-rounded leadership experience that allows students to grow in a variety of applicable areas.

Each student will have a specific and unique leadership plan developed one-on-one with your Program Director. This will take into consideration a student’s background, interests, areas of growth, majors and more.

The six core competencies are:

1) Communication 45 points
2) Interpersonal Competence 45 points
3) Humanitarianism 30 points
4) Professional Development 45 points
5) Service Competence 25 points
6) Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Application 45 points

The numbers listed are the minimum number of points that must be attained in order to fulfill the requirements of that competency.

In addition to completing these mandatory “points” in the learning outcomes, a student must complete the following:

  • Attend at least one leadership workshop or conference. Focus on Leadership offered on the WOU campus counts towards this requirement. Participants are required to attend at least one leadership conference as part of the program. The conference may be on- or off-campus, but off-campus programs require the itinerary or program be submitted to your Program Advisor with information about which sessions were attended. Conferences must be at least 1/2 day in length to qualify.
  • Attend at least one Ethics of Leadership seminar presented during the academic year. About two or three times per year, the Student leadership and Activities office will provide a 2 1/2 -3 hour Ethics of Leadership seminar for participants in the program as well as any otherwise interested students. This seminar will discuss the importance of ethical conduct in leadership and is a core value for the program. Dates for these workshops will be advertised to participants well in advance. It is encouraged to attend any one of the sessions when they are offered.
  • Complete the capstone experience – a portfolio that demonstrates the compilation of your leadership efforts and a presentation to your Program Director.

Core Competencies

Students accepted into the Leadership Certificate program will be required to complete a number of “points” in different core competencies. These competencies assure a well-rounded leadership experience that allows students to grow in a variety of applicable areas. Students complete the program’s point requirements by engaging in leadership experiences related to Western Oregon University. These experiences can be located on- or off-campus, but must take place during the student’s academic career at WOU. Points are earned on a term-by-term basis and are based upon standardized point totals either determined by your Program Advisor or by a list provided by campus departments and administrators most familiar with these leadership experiences.

Points in each category are based upon: the level of responsibility that the experience has relative to each learning outcome, how much time was spent upon that experience in a given term, how well the experience ties into the definition of the learning outcome and other relevant factors.

Leadership Certificate Program participants will have their points tallied electronically. It is strongly recommended that participants check in with their Program Advisor at least twice each academic year, and at least one term prior to expected graduation dates.


Written and verbal communication skills.

  • Written correspondence with internal or external constituencies, reporting, creative/business writing, or professional conduct.
  • Verbal communication skills with internal or external groups, small groups, or large groups (in formal and/or informal settings).
  • Documentation, minutes, or recording of events within organizations.

Interpersonal competence

Group and team dynamics and collective decision-making ability.

  • Teamwork and group dynamics, motivation, mediation, persuasion, community building, recognition, delegation, and facilitation of groups.


Social justice and diversity education/experiences.

  • New experiences and understanding of diverse cultures, discrimination/oppression, and working towards equality and inclusivity on campus or in the community.

Professional Development

Intentional experiences relevant to career and/or education beyond WOU. Applied self-knowledge and problem-solving skills.

  • Budgetary and monetary experiences, resume-building, project- work and planning, results-oriented task completion, and supervision.

Service Competence

Civic engagement from local to global level, which may include multiple stages/levels of involvement.

  • Volunteerism, advocacy, working with charities, selflessness, and understanding of broad role in the community

Knowledge Acquisition and Skill Application

Learning competencies and skills surrounding leadership.

  • Time- and stress-management, public speaking, ethical understanding, goal setting, managing change, critical thinking, running meetings effectively, recruitment, and programming skills.


Students completing the Leadership Certificate program will receive a university-recognized certificate, recognition at WOU’s annual Leadership Recognition Night program, and receive recognition at WOU’s Commencement program upon graduation.

To Apply:

To apply to the Leadership Certificate program, email Alyssa Rollins.

If there are any questions, please contact Alyssa Rollins at

Approximately 18 WOU students are enrolled in this program each term